4 Weight Loss Hacks That Wont Work

4 Weight Loss Hacks That Wont Work

When it comes to weight loss there is a lot of conflicting advice spouted by so-called experts that is probably best ignored.

If you want to lose weight you most certainly do not want to fall into the trap of trying to lose weight using bad advice, as chances are you may lose weight but at what cost to your health?

Often this advice is dangerous, but more often than not the biggest issue is that the results are only short-lived.

Read on to discover the weight loss hacks that wont work:

#1: Cutting out all sugar

You cannot fail to notice that sugar is public enemy number one currently with many experts blaming too much sugar in our diets for the current obesity crisis.

While it is true that many of us consume too much sugar, it is possible to be too restrictive when it comes to your sugar intake.

Cutting back on the sweets and desserts is obviously a good thing but you should not cut them from your diet entirely.

The reason? Well, you will only end up craving these treats even more. And before long the cravings will be too hard to resist leading to sessions of overindulgence.

Some diets even promote the cutting of fruits too, as fruit also contains sugar.

This is certainly not something that I would recommend as fruit provides so many other nutrients that your body requires for good health.

#2: Becoming obsessed with calories

Of course it is recommended that you keep track of your calorie intake, how else will you know if you need to make any changes?

Yet, if you become obsessed with your calorie intake then this can have a negative effect on your waistline.

When you become stressed your body will start to overproduce a hormone called cortisol that has been linked to an increase in belly fat.

#3: Starving yourself

Again, to lose weight a little control of your portions is certainly a good idea.

HungryHowever, starving yourself by skipping meals or only putting out minuscule amounts of food is certainly not recommended.

While you may lose weight to begin, after a while your metabolism will slow as your body will rightly think that it is being starved.

When this occurs you will no longer lose weight and once you start eating again the lost weight will return, with likely a few extra pounds for good measure.

#4: Eating one type of food

As with starving yourself, this weight loss hack will only produce short-term results.

Also, as you are not consuming a variety of foods you maybe missing out on vital nutrients that your body needs.

For weight loss and overall health a balanced diet is always recommended.

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