Weight Loss Harder for Women than Men

Weight Loss Harder for Women than Men

A news study has revealed that weight loss is harder for women to achieve than their male counterparts.

In the study published in the journal ‘Molecular Metabolism’ a team of researchers has found that the part of the brain that controlled how our calories are used is different in women than in men.

What occurred in the study?

During the study the team of researchers looked at how being a male or female affected weight gain.

They looked at mice, and were able to make obese, sedentary male mice healthy. However the researchers were unable to replicate the same results in the female mice.

The evidence found that the part of the brain that influences how your body uses calories was different between sexes.

Lead author Professor Lora Heisler at the University of Aberdeen’s Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health had this to say:

“While the subset targeted by obesity medication lorcaserin influences appetite in both males and female mice, in males, this subset has the added benefit of also modulating physical activity and energy expenditure.”

“So, while medications targeting this source of POMC peptides may effectively reduce appetite in females, our evidence suggests that they will not tap into the signals in our brain that modulate physical activity and energy expenditure.”

The hope is that this research will show how males and females are different so need tailor made plans to tackle any weight issues they encounter.

What now for the future?

With over half of the UK population currently labelled as overweight, the strain on the NHS from those who develop life-threatening conditions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes will be increasing daily.

There are calls for a tax on sugar, with some campaigners even calling for a 50% tax. However, unless we are willing to make an effort to change our own diet for the better then this is unlikely to work.

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