Weight Loss Hormone Found in Older People

Weight Loss Hormone Found in Older People

Have you noticed that older people seemingly getter slimmer as they age, well researchers have perhaps found a reason for this.

According to research at the University of Plymouth and published in the journal Appetite, a hormone (peptide YY or PYY) that gives the feeling of fullness is produced in greater amounts amongst the older generation.

Mary Hickson, Professor at Plymouth University had this to say about the research:

“With ageing there is frequently a loss of appetite, termed anorexia of ageing, which can result in under-nutrition.”

What research was undertaken?

For this latest study 6 healthy women over the age of 80 were asked to eat a breakfast after several hours of fasting.

The hormone levels of these volunteers were then compared to healthy younger volunteers in the following age brackets:

  • 20-39
  • 40-59
  • 60-79

The researchers measured the levels of the hormone PYY at regular intervals over the course of a 3 hour period, as well as the amount of ghrelin present.

Ghrelin is a hormone that when found in high amounts will cause an increase in your appetite.

What were the results of the study?

The findings of the study were that the older generation produced more PYY compared to their younger counterparts, while the ghrelin levels remained the same.

This proved the theory that the older you get the less hunger you will experience.


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