4 Reasons Why Your Weight Loss is a Struggle

4 Reasons Why Your Weight Loss is a Struggle

Obesity levels are on the rise, which means that ultimately more of us are going to be developing conditions that will lead to a shorter lifespan.

With these thoughts in mind, you maybe thinking about losing a few excess pounds but have found that in the past that weight loss is a struggle that you are unable to beat.

It is no surprise really as our modern lives make weight loss difficult to achieve. We are surrounded by delicious yet unhealthy foods, and many of us lead sedentary lives, where we spend endless hours sat at work or in our own homes in front of the TV.

So what other reasons are there that is stopping you from reaching your weight loss goals? Read on to discover a few of the reasons.

#1: Change is hard

Changing our habits of a lifetime can be difficult, even if it means that we will start to reap the health benefits.

One habit that likely needs to change is your comfort eating, which is when you will use food as a crutch whenever you are feeling sad, stressed or even when you are bored.

#2: You don’t believe in yourself

If you don’t believe that you can achieve your goal weight then you are never going to reach it.

You have to think positive, and even if you hit a plateau continue to work just as hard as before to overcome the hurdle.

Giving up at the first sign of trouble will certainly not aid your efforts, and will lead you down the path of a yo-yo dieters, who will lose and regain the lost weight over and over.

#3: Your plan is unrealistic

To achieve your weight loss goals you need to make sure that your plan is realistic and achievable.

Setting yourself unachievable goals will only result in failure. Either because it will be too hard to achieve, or you will have to undertake drastic changes to achieve them, which could potentially lead to dangerous choices.

SuccessIf you set yourself smaller, more achievable goals then you are more likely to succeed. Remember each smaller goal completed moves you one step closer to your final goal weight.

#4: You are looking for a quick fix

Quick weight loss is not something you should be looking for. Remember you didn’t gain the weight overnight so you cannot expect to lose it overnight either.

A healthy weight loss per week is only around 2 pounds. These popular TV shows where the contestants lose double figures each week is not sustainable for the average person who has a job and family to look after.

You should certainly never risk your long-term health in your quest to lose weight, so fad diets that make you skip meals or avoid entire food groups should certainly be avoided.

If you stick to your diet and get regular exercise then you will certainly lose weight. Think of these healthy changes as a lifestyle change, and not a quick fix and you will soon start seeing the results you crave.

Final thoughts

Weight loss is certainly not easy, but if you are willing to remain dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, whereby you will be eating as healthily as possible while getting regular exercise then there is no reason why you cannot achieve your goal weight.

Just take it one small step at a time, and stick to your efforts, regardless of any obstacles in your way.

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