8 Weight Loss Laws You Should Ignore

8 Weight Loss Laws You Should Ignore

If you have made the decision to get in shape, perhaps for health reasons or just to get a little confidence back, then you maybe thinking about some of those weight loss laws you have heard about.

From restrictive diets to juice cleanses, there are so many methods that people claim to be the miracle you need for successful weight loss.

However many of these are not effective, and have the potential to be dangerous.

Lets look at some of these weight loss laws, and discover why most should be ignored.

#1: You need to cut out all fat

There are many diets that endorse the cutting of fat entirely from your diet.

While a diet consisting of high amounts of the wrong kind of fats will cause weight gain, cutting all fats from your diet is certainly not something I would recommend.

Fats are needed by your body, and are essential for various functions.

Good fats can even aid your weight loss efforts as it is slow to digest so will help keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Try to cut out saturated or trans fats as these are the bad kind, while making sure to include good fats like unsaturated ones. These can be found in the following foods:

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Avocado
  • Olive oil

#2: You should eat low-fat foods

As we have mentioned your body needs fat, but this is not the only reason why the weight loss law to eat low-fat foods is wrong.

These types of food often contain added sugars, which have been added to improve the taste. Removing fat can leave food tasting bland.

Unfortunately too much sugar in your diet will certainly lead to weight gain.

I would always recommend checking the food labels before you buy them, you maybe surprised to learn how much sugar and therefore extra unneeded calories are present.

#3: You should cut out all carbs

As with fats, your body needs carbs too, so many of these popular diets that promote the cutting of carbs from your diet are misleading you.

Carbs are needed by the body primarily for energy.

#4: Calorie counting is best for weight loss

Of course calorie counting can be an effective way to lose weight, but for some it can lead to you becoming negatively obsessive about your food.

It can also be boring and can lead to the complete removal of any fun from your food.

I would personally recommend looking more at the types of food you are eating rather than their calorie content. Healthy foods are often lower in calories anyway.

#5: You should weigh often

While it maybe a good idea to weigh yourself regularly to ensure you are seeing progress, you most certainly do not need to be weighing daily.

Weight LossChances are your weight will fluctuate many times over the course of a single day, perhaps because of your hormones or water intake for example, so you wont get an accurate reading.

You can also become obsessed with your weight and not seeing a loss constantly can leave you stressed and unhappy.

These feelings are not going to help your overall weight loss efforts.

What I would recommend is to make sure to only weigh yourself at most once a week.

#6: Cleansing or detoxing can help with weight loss

These types of diet are popular but are not as effective as claimed.

Often the only weight lost will be water weight, which will quickly be replaced.

#7: You can’t eat out if you want to lose weight

While eating a takeaway or going to a restaurant every night is not something I would recommend if weight loss is your goal.

The occasional indulgence will help keep you on the straight-and-narrow.

If you do not allow yourself the occasional treat you will start to resent your clean eating habits and before long will fall off the wagon entirely.


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