5 Weight Loss Methods That Can Go Wrong

5 Weight Loss Methods That Can Go Wrong

So you have decided to lose weight and have taken some advise from a friend who has lost weight, the only problem is you are not seeing the same results.

This is not a surprise as even the most popular weight loss methods can fail.

Is there a reason for this? Lets look at some of the reasons these methods can go wrong.

#1: Cheat meals

While I would recommend the occasional cheat meal to keep cravings from getting too much for you, if you tend to overindulge or have too many of these cheat meals then your efforts will be undermined.

If you have no self control then perhaps you should avoid cheat meals entirely.

#2: Extreme low calorie diets

I personally am not a fan of these, but I know that they are extremely popular, especially among those looking for quick results.

The problem with these low calorie diets is that they are not suitable for the long term and in reality could actually harm your weight loss efforts.

When you are not consuming enough calories your body will go into a sort of starvation mode where your metabolism will slow to conserve fat.

If this occurs your body will turn to your muscle for energy, which when it is broken down will result in your metabolism slowing even further.

#3: Low carb diets

There are some popular diets that claim that you should avoid all carbs.

While some carbs are best avoided, for instance those processed carbs, if you avoid them entirely then you will likely suffer from fatigue and low energy levels.

The truth is that your body needs carbs and your diet should consist of around 30% unprocessed carbs.

That means foods like whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables should be consumed.

#4: Clean eating

Is it possible to avoid junk food 100% of the time? Probably not, and actually I would not recommend it.

Eating clean all of the time will leave you feeling desperate to cheat, and soon enough you will give into these cravings.

If you can stick to a healthy diet around 80% of the time you will lose weight. Just try not to overindulge when you get the opportunity to treat yourself.

#5: Snacking too often

If you find that you tend to snack between meals then you need to look at what your meals actually contain.

Both protein and fibre-rich foods are slow to digest so will hopefully keep you full between meals.

You can also try drinking a glass of water if you feel peckish, this is because sometimes your body will mistake thirst for hunger.

Too many snacks between meals will add plenty of calories over time and maybe the reason why you are unable to achieve your goal weight.

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