6 Tips to Boost Your Weight Loss Momentum

6 Tips to Boost Your Weight Loss Momentum

Although we are all different and will lose weight using different methods there are some tips that will work for everyone across the board.

Read on to discover some of our tips to help boost your weight loss momentum:

#1: Leave those scales alone

Are you weighing yourself daily? If you are then you are probably putting undue stress onto yourself.

Our weights will fluctuate daily, and if you do not see any weight loss you may feel as though you are not getting any closer to your goal weight and may contemplate quitting.

There are many reasons why the numbers on the scale won’t go down, they may even go up if you are building muscle but ultimately you will look slimmer.

My suggestion to you would be to put the scales to one side, perhaps weight yourself once a week, instead try to focus on how your clothes are feeling. Are they feeling a little looser for example?

#2: Put those celebrity magazines down

We all love to read a little gossip, but these magazines are also full of weight loss and health advice that is often not based on fact.

More worryingly is the trend of these fad celebrity diets that are potentially dangerous.

Rather than trying one of these fads focus more on what actually works; healthy eating and regular exercise.

#3: Let new clothes be an inspiration

Who doesn’t like to buy new clothes? Well, buying a new wardrobe of clothes can be a great motivator.

#4: Make small goals

If you have a lot of weight to lose then it may seem like a daunting journey ahead of you.

To make it less intimidating you could break down your final goal into smaller, more achievable goals.

Weight lossFor instance you could set a 2 pound a week goal, which may seem small but will soon mount up.

Setting yourself goals that you will struggle to achieve will only leave you depressed and likely to quit. You may also resort to less healthy methods to achieving your goals, which is never something that we would recommend.

#5: Pamper yourself

A great way to remain motivated is to reward yourself when you achieve your weight loss goals.

This does not mean by eating out however, instead you should treat yourself to a spa day or something that wont affect your new healthy lifestyle.

#6: Take photos of your progress

If you document your progress through photos you will be able to look back to see just how far you have come.

You may also want to note down your weight at the time of taking the photos to show just how much weight you have lost.

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