Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss Motivation

If you have ever tried to lose weight you will know just how hard it is to stay motivated.

Its not really a surprise though as life commitments always seem to get in the way of your successful weight loss journey.

You may lose weight when you first begin, but one you hit that first plateau and you start losing less and less each week it becomes increasingly difficult to continue sacrificing.

So what can you do to keep you motivated? Here are some tips that may help:

#1 Try thinking ahead

If you have ever heard the phrase “fail to plan, plan to fail?” Well, basically this means you should decide what you are going to do in advance.

No more spur of the moment decisions that often cause problems later on.

#2 Meet health minded people

Your friends have a big influence on your life and the choices you make, so if you are able to stay surrounded by those who care about their health then you are more likely to feel the same.

#3 Be realistic

It is unrealistic to assume you will lose weight every week, some weeks you may even gain weight.

Before you start your weight loss attempt you need to make sure you are prepared for these obstacles and make sure you know what you are going to do when they occur.

#4 Eat when you are hungry

If you want to see long term results you should not starve yourself as you will find that your metabolism will slow too.

Instead you should try to eat as often as you can throughout the day, although this does not mean you should go overboard. These should be small meals not your usual portion size.

Eating small but regularly will keep your metabolism high, meaning you are less likely to hit a plateau.

#5 Don’t be afraid of change

If you become bored with your new healthy lifestyle then you are more likely to quit.

Whether it is your diet or your exercise regime it is important that you make changes now and again to not only keep things interesting, but also to keep your body guessing what is going on.

What do you use to help keep you motivated?

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