5 Weight Loss Pitfalls and their Solutions

5 Weight Loss Pitfalls and their Solutions

Have you been struggling to see any weight loss results despite sticking rigidly to your diet? If so you may find that you have fallen into one of the common weight loss pitfalls.

So, what can you do to rectify this situation and to start losing weight again?

Please read on to discover what we would suggest to break your latest plateau.

#1: You are too rigid with your rules

Of course you need to set yourself some rules if you want to lose weight, however if these rules are too rigid or strict then it maybe difficult to stick to them.

More than likely these strict rules will make your diet boring and stressful, with any small mistake leading to feelings of guilt.

Before long you will no doubt end up quitting the diet entirely.

What I would suggest would be to set rules, but to not make them too strict. Allow yourself the occasional treat and do not let yourself feel as though you have failed when you make a small mistake.

#2: Don’t see everything as black and white

You may think that the only way to successfully reach your weight loss goals would be to totally cut out all “bad” foods and to only eat “good” foods.

Well, the truth is that while the nutritional content of each food maybe different there is no such thing as “good” and “bad” foods.

When you make certain foods off limits you will either be unable to resist them, or will resent the fact that you are not allowed them.

I would suggest that instead of denying yourself these so-called “bad” foods that you allow yourself the occasional treat, or at the very least see if there is a healthier alternative available.

#3: You cut out entire food groups

There are various diets that claim to work by eliminating whole foods groups, for example there are many that say you should avoid fats.

Our bodies need a variety of nutrients to be healthy, including fats so it is never a good idea to eliminate them entirely.

  • Cutting dairy = Shortage of vitamin D and calcium that are needed for bone health
  • Cutting carbs = Lack of B vitamins that control metabolism, immune function and hormones
  • Cutting meat = Low in iron for oxygen delivery and zinc for wound healing and immune function

Instead of cutting entire food groups, try to incorporate as many as possible into your diet.

#4: You do not eat fat

You may think that cutting fat from your diet would be a good thing, but as stated above this is not a good idea.

Yes, fat has double the calories of either carbs and protein, but it is a good source of energy and is essential for helping your body to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K.

Often you will find that when looking at low-fat food products the fat has been replaced with sugar or sweeteners for flavour, which are certainly not going to be good for your waistline.

Weight LossInstead of cutting fat from your diet entirely I would suggest looking at the types of fats you currently consume.

I would suggest cutting out saturated fats, and to instead replace it with unsaturated fats such as:

  • Nuts
  • Vegetables oils
  • Fish
  • Avocado
  • Olives

Also, avoid trans fats, as these are the worst possible type of fat.

#5: You eat “healthy” foods

So-called healthy foods may not be as good for you as you would imagine.

Just because it is marketed as healthy does not necessarily mean that this is true. In fact the opposite is often the case.

We have already said above that often low-fat alternatives are full of sugars and sweeteners, well this is true for a lot of foods. I would suggest that you always read the product label thoroughly before adding it to your shopping basket.

You also need to be aware that all foods contain calories, so even if you are eating a food that contains very few. If you are eating a large portion of it then the calories will soon start to mount up.

Research has shown that people do tend to eat larger portions of healthier foods, which negates the benefits of eating these lower calorie foods.


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