10 Weight Loss Products That Don’t Work

10 Weight Loss Products That Don’t Work

If you are trying to lose weight but are finding it difficult? If so then you maybe tempted by one of those adverts for the latest “weight loss miracle”.

Unfortunately despite the claims and hype, this product is unlikely to be as effective as it is claimed to be.

Some may just be ineffective, but others may actually be dangerous to use.

Below you will find a few examples of weight loss products that don’t work, that are best avoided and ignored, even if you feel as though they are your last chance for success.

#1: Slimming gels

Slimming gels are said to contain compounds that can increase your metabolic rate, which we all know is key for helping you to burn off excess calories.

Unfortunately these magical claims are not true, and weight loss is not as easy as this, despite our wishes.

#2: Slimming massager

These products are claimed to help mobilise fat and reduce cellulite, but in reality all they do is improve blood circulation.

These massagers are best used to help with relaxation, who doesn’t love a massage?

#3: Sauna belts

These belts that deliver small vibrations or shocks to your core muscles are not going to aid your weight loss efforts.

You would be better off doing a few crunches or sit ups instead.

#4: Laxatives

If you are looking to lose weight then laxatives may seem like a good option.

There is no doubt that they will cause weight loss to occur, but unfortunately this weight loss is only water weight.

Laxatives can also leave you dehydrated, so once you start drinking any lost weight will return as quickly as it was lost.

#5: Impulse massager

While these are good for improving the health of your skin, the electronic pulses produced by these machines will not help your weight loss efforts.

#6: Fat burning tights

These tights are claimed to emit infrared rays, which will cause your skin to heat up. This will then cause an increase in the metabolism of cells, which is claimed to help reduce cellulite.

It is suggested that you should wear them for 6 hours daily for 30 days for best results, however what happens when you stop wearing them?

#7: Sauna tent

We all love the warmth of a sauna, but these sauna tents that claim to be able to burn off 600 calories in just 15 minutes are not quite the same.

Sauna TentNot only are they uncomfortably hot and a little weird to look at, any weight lost is likely only to be water weight that is quickly regained.

#8: ThighGlider

This machine is marketed as being able to give you “the best thighs of your life”, but the reality is that using a machine like this is not going to do much.

Firstly, you will need a healthy diet to lose body fat, and exercise such as squats and lunges are a more effective way of toning your legs and butt.

#9: Thermal suit

These have famously been worn by boxers to help them lose weight quickly.

The problem is that these suits only make you sweat more, so any lost weight is only water weight, not body fat.

Therefore once you drink any lost weight will quickly return.

#10 Ab Circle

While this foldable ab machine is certainly not one of the more expensive machines available on the market, its claim to be able to give you flat washboard abs in just 3 minutes a day is unlikely to be true.

The truth is that you need both a healthy diet and regular exercise to lose that belly fat, before your abs are noticeable.

Also, there are other ab exercises that wont cost you a penny that are more effective, such as crunches or the plank.

Final thoughts

When it comes to weight loss products it is sometimes best to ignore the hype and to focus on facts.

Some products will help you reach your goal weight, but only when combined with healthy eating and regular exercise.

Remember if the claims seem to good to be true, then it is highly likely that these claims are not accurate.

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