6 Weight Loss Rules You Should Cheat On

6 Weight Loss Rules You Should Cheat On

If you are attempting to lose weight but are feeling restricted by those strict weight loss rules then you may not wish to continue.

However, the reality is that breaking a few of these rules now and then could produce even better weight loss results.

Read on to discover which weight loss rules you should cheat on.

Weight loss rule #1: You need to workout intensely

Of course if you want to burn calories then you need to workout, and be as intense as possible.

The higher your heart rate the more calories you could potentially burn.

However, some times it may be best to try something besides these high intensity exercises. For instance yoga for example.

The reason for this is that this form of low-impact exercise can calm your body and relieve stress, which is important as too much stress can cause your body to over-produce a hormone called cortisol.

When the levels of cortisol are high you will find that you are more prone to store fat, which is certainly something that you do not wish to occur.

Weight loss rule #2: Don’t eat dessert

To lose weight you most certainly need to cut back on the treats and desserts, but you most certainly should not completely cut them from your diet.

When you deny yourself all the foods you love you will only end up craving them more, which can lead to you falling off the rails and overindulging in them.

To avoid this happening I would suggest that you allow yourself the occasional treat, but then only with moderation too.

If you eat healthily 80% of the time then you will still see good results.

Weight loss rule #3: You should cut out high-fat foods

This rule has been spouted for decades, yet the truth is that fat is good for you. As long as it is the right kind.

Often when you choose low-fat foods you will find that they are full of added sugars and sweeteners that not only contain more calories, but will also cause a spike in your blood sugar levels.

When your blood sugar levels fall, which they will do rapidly as your body burns the sugar quickly, you will then experience even more cravings.

This cycle can unsurprisingly result in weight being gained.

Weight loss rule #4: You need to cut back on carbs

Many diets promote carb cutting to help with weight loss, however your body needs carbs as this is what provides you with much needed energy.

Weight LossWhat you need to avoid is refined carbs, as these are digested quickly and cause a spike in your blood sugar levels, which subsequently cause further cravings.

Instead aim to eat fibre-rich carbs as these are slow digesting so will keep your blood sugar levels steady and your cravings to a minimum.

Weight loss rule #5: You must not snack

Cutting calories is a sure-fire way to help you to lose weight, however cutting out snack foods will only leave you feeling hungry between meals and more likely to overeat the next time they sit down for dinner.

What you need to do is cut out the junk snack foods such as the chocolates and crisps, and instead replace them with healthier alternatives like fresh fruit or nuts.

Weight loss rule #6: You must focus on cardio

Exercise is a good idea if weight loss is your goal, but focussing purely on cardio is not the best approach.

Pounding away for hours on the treadmill can actually increase your appetite, which can derail your good efforts.

Instead I would suggest that you incorporate some strength training into your exercise regime, while reducing the amount of cardio you perform each workout to just 20-30 minutes maximum.

With strength training you will increase muscle mass, which will in turn boost your resting metabolic rate (RMR). This will then result in more calories being burnt, as it has been shown that muscle burns more calories than fat.

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