5 Types of Weight Loss Tea

5 Types of Weight Loss Tea

Who doesn’t like a cup of tea to relax? But did you know that certain types of tea could help with your weight loss efforts too?

Below you will find 5 different types of weight loss tea that can help you to shift those excess pounds without having to undergo a ridiculously strict diet. Just make sure you don’t ruin their benefits by adding too much sugar and milk.

Weight Loss Tea #1: Green Tea

If you want to encourage fat burning then you should be drinking Green Tea daily.

Green Tea contains catechins that are a type of compound shown to trigger the release of fat from fat cells, in particular the fat found around your waist. It can also increase the speed at which your liver can convert fat into energy; hence the increase in metabolism.

In a 12-week study, the volunteers who drank between 4-5 cups of Green Tea daily along with a 25 minute workout lost an average of 2 more pounds than those who did not drink any tea.

The following teas can also help your body to burn fat:

  • Barberry
  • Pu-erh Tea

Green Tea is just one of the ingredients found in the popular Teatox Tea EvoTea.

Weight Loss Tea #2: Oolong Tea

If you want to boost your metabolism, which will result in extra calories being burnt then you should consider drinking some Oolong Tea.

Oolong Tea works in a similar fashion as Green Tea as it contains catechins that can increase your bodies ability to metabolise (burn) fat.

In a study published in the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine, those who drunk Oolong Tea over a 6-week period lost an average of 6 pounds in weight.

TeaOther teas that can boost your metabolism include:

  • Yerba Mate
  • Goji Tea
  • Kola Nut Tea

Weight Loss Tea #3: Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea can help to curb hunger cravings due to its smell.

The Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic Medicine published a study that showed that participants in the study that sniffed peppermint every 2 hours were able to lose an average of 5 pounds in just a month.

You may also want to try Black Tea if you struggle with your cravings.

Weight Loss Tea #4: White Tea

White Tea is the least processed tea so therefore contains the highest number of antioxidants.

This particular tea can help to break down fat through lipolysis, while also blocking the formation of new fat cells (adipogenesis).

Weight Loss Tea #5: Rooibos Tea

This particular tea can help reduce the stress hormones that cause hunger cravings and the storage of fat.

It can do this as it contains a powerful flavonoid called Aspalathin.

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