8 Weight Loss Techniques for Real Results

8 Weight Loss Techniques for Real Results

Sometimes it can feel like you are banging your head against a wall when attempting to lose weight.

Some weeks the weight just will not move, despite the fact that you have stuck rigidly to your diet and have done plenty of exercise. So what can you do?

Well, the following weight loss techniques may give your efforts that little kick to get your efforts moving again.

#1: Sprinkle the flax seeds

Flax seeds are a good source of fibre, that when consumed can help bulk out your meals and helping you to stay fuller for longer.

These flax seeds also have very little taste so you can add it to a variety of foods without any issues.

Try adding flax to:

  • Smoothies
  • Yoghurt
  • Cereal
  • Oatmeal
  • Salad
  • Soup
  • Baked foods

#2: Add colour

Are your meals currently a little boring? Adding a few splashes of colour can add to your feeling of satisfaction when eating it, which will leave you feeling happier and more content.

#3: Pay yourself for results

Some workplaces offer their employees financial rewards for achieving weight loss goals, so why not do this yourself?

You could pay yourself for every pound you lost, or for each workout you perform.

After a while you can then use this money to reward yourself, just try to avoid those rewards that involve food.

#4: Buy a tub of protein

To succeed at your diet, eating plenty of protein would make it easier to achieve your goal.

Protein is slow to digest so will keep you feeling satisfied for longer.

The problem is that sometimes it can be difficult to get enough protein into your diet, which is where the protein powder comes in.

You can easily add this to a variety of foods, for example oatmeal, pancakes or baked foods.

#5: Eat more

This may seem like contradictory advice to what you may believe, as to lose weight you would certainly need to cut the amount you eat?

Well, not necessarily.

Lose WeightWhat is more important when cutting is the types of food you eat rather than the amount. In fact you should eat more often if you wish to increase your metabolic rate.

Instead of sticking to 2-3 large meals daily, try to increase this to 5 or 6.

#6: Add interest to your water

To lose weight you need to look at what you are drinking. Out should go those drinks filled with sugar. Instead you should replace them with plain tap water.

Tap water contains zero calories, can help to curb your appetite and can flush out the toxins that prevent weight loss, which makes it the perfect weight loss drink.

The problem with water is that is can be a bit boring to taste. However you can rectify this problem by adding a slice of lemon or grapefruit to it.

#7: Pre-prepare some meals

Some days you will simply be too busy or too tired to prepare a healthy meal from scratch, which could result in you giving in to temptation and visiting your local takeaway.

Of course, if you want to achieve your weight loss goals this is certainly not recommended. Especially if you have a few of these days each week.

What I would suggest is pre-preparing some meals ready for freezing that you can simply reheat when you are busy.

#8: Keep healthy snacks handy

We all get peckish from time to time, but to avoid snacking on something we know we shouldn’t (for example a chocolate bar or packet or crisps) you should always carry around with you a healthy snack.

One of the best choices is a fresh piece of fruit, or perhaps some nuts.

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