Weight loss tips for men

Weight loss tips for men

These days with men becoming more body conscious than ever before there are an ever increasing number of men looking for help losing weight.

These weight loss tips for men will help you achieve your goal:

#1 – Listen to friends

Men can be a little mean when out and about, calling each other names in the name of banter. If they are calling you porky or mentioning how your beer belly has grown considerably then maybe you should start to take notice.

Being overweight or obese can increase your chances of suffering various health issues including heart disease and diabetes.

#2 – Change the word ‘diet’

Most men would be too embarrassed to tell their mates that they are going on a diet.

Instead of calling it that perhaps you should just say how you are trying to become healthier by eating less and moving more.

#3 – Learn what healthy eating is

Healthy eating involves cutting back on junk food, instead you should be eating a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, with plenty of lean protein sources such as chicken and fish thrown in for good measure.

Ideally you should aim to eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day, you can even add them to smoothies if you are struggling.

#4 – Skip those takeaways

Although it is best that you don’t visit the takeaway you can still have the occasional treat by making small changes to your order.

For example, you could order boiled rice instead of fried rice or choosing to eat a thin crust pizza instead of a stuffed crust.

#5 – Drive to the pub

To ensure you don’t drink you should drive to the pub to watch the footie. An average lager contains between 165 and 250 calories per pint, which will add significantly to your daily calorie intake.

#6 – Lie to your friends

If your friends are starting to question your new healthier choices maybe you could tell them that you are in training for an upcoming sporting event.

Perhaps you could even enter the event to give you that little extra incentive to lose that excess weight and become healthier.

#7 – Enjoy watching sport? Play it as well

If you love to watch sport what is stopping you from playing it yourself? We all come in different shapes and sizes so you should not feel ashamed that your size or fitness levels will affect your enjoyment.

Start slow and you will soon improve, and as a bonus your weight will change for the better too.

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