4 Weight Loss Tips for Menopausal Women

4 Weight Loss Tips for Menopausal Women

As we age you will find it more difficult to maintain your weight, with weight gain likely to occur if you are not careful.

The problem is that as we age our hormones will change. Luckily there are things that we can do.

Weight gain is not caused purely by calories

There are a number of factors that will control your weight, calories consumed is not the only factor.

Your hormones can also affect the amount of calories you are able to burn too.

Unfortunately as we age our hormones will change, which make it difficult to maintain and lose weight.

For example, your oestrogen and progesterone will decrease, while your insulin and cortisol levels will increase.

This can be a problem as high levels of insulin and cortisol will cause your body to store fat, with the low oestrogen and progesterone unable to stem the effects.

Below are some tips you may want to try if you want to be able to lose weight, even if you are going through the menopause:

#1: Start your day with breakfast

It is important to start your day with a healthy breakfast, preferably within half an hour of waking up.

There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, eating cereals or bagels can cause your insulin levels to spike, which will leave you suffering from food cravings a few hours later.

Instead you should focus on eating a good protein and fibre source.

Eating a protein source early has been shown to cause your body to release leptin that helps to control your hunger, plus it has been shown to keep both your cortisol and insulin levels under control.

A good example of a healthy breakfast would be scrambled eggs with wholemeal toast.

#2: Choose a lifestyle change over a diet

When you think of a diet you will only be thinking of a short-term goal, whereas with a lifestyle change you will need to think long-term.

Clean EatingWith this in mind, you need to make changes that you will able to maintain.

For example you couldn’t live on 1,200 calories forever could you? Like some diets may suggest.

This crash diet will only leave your metabolism sluggish, so I would instead suggest making a few healthier changes rather than drastic ones.

Cutting back on junk food would be a good start as this processed food is not good for anyone.

Instead opt for fresh whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables as well as good protein sources that can help keep your metabolism running high, while also helping to maintain muscle mass.

As you age you may notice that muscle mass starts to drop, which can have a negative effect on your metabolism.

#3: Don’t focus on steady-state cardio

You may think that cardio would be a good option for maintaining or losing weight, but guess again.

Too much steady-state cardio can actually have a negative effect on your hormone levels, causing a rise in cortisol levels due to the stress applied to your body.

What I would suggest would be to opt for shorter burst of cardio, or to opt for a mixture of cardio and resistance or weight training.

The resistance training will help maintain muscle mass, while also helping to burn off those pesky calories.

#4: Be consistent

To see results you need to be consistent, it is simply no good trying your hardest throughout the week to let things slip on the weekend for example.

It may take a little time and effort but if you remain motivated you will be able to achieve whatever goal you set for yourself.


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