4 Easy Weight Loss Tricks You Haven’t Tried

4 Easy Weight Loss Tricks You Haven’t Tried

There are plenty of weight loss tricks that will aid your efforts, but there are likely to be some that you have yet to try.

Here are some easy weight loss tricks you haven’t tried. Perhaps give them a chance.

#1: Cut your food into small slices

If you cut your food into smaller slices you may trick your brain into thinking you have a larger serving, which may encourage you to eat less.

In a study it was shown that when a meal was cut up that people consumed 25% less.

Other similar tips to create the illusion of a larger portion size include using smaller plates and using taller but thinner glasses.

#2: Use opposite hands

When you use your dominant hand to eat it is likely that you don’t even think about the food you are eating.

Weight LossThe problem is that this mindless eating could potentially lead to you overeating.

What I would suggest to avoid eating mindlessly would be to use your less dominant hand for eating, or to sway hands when using cutlery.

This simple act will make you feel a little uncomfortable, but you will instantly be focussing on the food that passes your lips.

#3: De-clutter your kitchen

Another thing that can cause you to overeat is a messy, cluttered kitchen. Perhaps because those unhealthy but tempting snacks have been left out and in plain view.

Perhaps instead of leaving your kitchen a mess, de-clutter the rubbish. Put away the junk food and replace them with healthy alternatives.

This will make it easier to avoid the junk and to pick the healthy food instead.

#4: Knock off those distractions

When eating it is best to switch off any distractions, for example your smartphone, your laptop and even your TV.

Eating while distracted will cause you to overeat as you wont be taking too much notice of the food you are eating.

By focussing your attention purely on the food in front of you, you will find that you will become fuller faster and will be more satisfied too.

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