4 Weight Loss Tricks that Work

4 Weight Loss Tricks that Work

We all know that diet and exercise will help with your weight loss goals, but are there any other weight loss tricks that work?

Here is a list of 5 methods that you could try to ensure you see the best results:

#1: Display healthy food

If you want to eat healthily then it is obvious that you should be buying healthier food, however if it is hidden away then you are unlikely to go searching for it, especially if there are unhealthier but perhaps tastier options available.

What I suggest is to leave these healthier foods in sight so that it is easier for you to take the healthier option.

One study at Cornell University has suggested the same tip, with a review of 112 other studies showing that when healthy food is visible it is easier to make that decision.

How you display the food is important too, with a study at the University of Oxford concluding that salad that has been artistically displayed was more appealing than messier salad displays.

This means that even if the same ingredients are used you would eat more of one than the other.

#2: Eat before you shop

To avoid buying unhealthy foods from the local supermarket you must make sure that you never go shopping on an empty stomach.

DietA study back in 2013 by Cornell University saw that those who fasted for 5 hours before shopping bought 18.6% more food, with 44.8% more foods high in calories, when compared with a group that were allowed crackers before shopping.

Either schedule your shop for after your mealtimes, or make sure you have a healthy snack with you to eat before entering the store. Perhaps some fruit or a handful of nuts for example.

#3: Spend some time in the sun

For some reason those who spend time in the sunlight earlier in the day have been found to have lower BMIs than those who see little sunlight.

You don’t even need to go outside either, just time spent in a room brightened by the sun will help.

#4: Remove distractions when eating

If you focus on your meal you will be able to reduce the amount you eat.

Those who are distracted have been shown to consume considerably more, so the next time you sit down for dinner make sure to switch off your phone and television.

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