What can I eat on the Paleo Diet?

What can I eat on the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo Diet or Caveman Diet as it is otherwise known may at first glance look like just another fad diet that simply won’t help you reach your weight loss goals.

How could a diet that involves changing your eating habits to match those of our ancestors possibly work?

Well, for a start this diet stops you from consuming any of those modern meals that are surely having a negative affect your weight and overall health.

What can be eaten on this diet?

Although many different authors may disagree with some of the food choices, what can be agreed upon is that it is not possible to replicate the exact foods found in the Paleolithic period.

The whole philosophy of the Paleo Diet is to only eat those food types that were around in the Stone Age.

This means you are not supposed to consume any food that does not comes from agricultural methods as it is believed these food types are to blame for the ongoing obesity and subsequent health crisis affecting many millions of people across the globe.

The food on the Paleo Diet is usually gluten and casein free, with very low levels of sodium. No wonder there have been no many positive weight loss reports.

Below you will find some of the types of food you will typically find on the Paleo Diet.

Meat and eggs

Most authors agree that the meat (including fish) and eggs you consume are the most important part of the Paleo Diet.

Although you should ensure that the source of the meat is natural i.e. the animals are fed a natural organic diet.

Some authors think that you should only consume low fat meat as they believe that much of the meat available today is full of saturated fats. However there are those who disagree with this philosophy.


Although vegetables are encouraged there are some that should not be consumed, such as green beans and peas (legumes).

Some forms of this diet state that only vegetable that can be eaten raw should be consumed. Though this does not mean they should be eaten raw.


Fruit is allowed on this diet though it is advised that you limit the consumption of fruit juices, dried fruit and those high sugar fruits.

Nuts and seeds

Even though nuts and seeds are allowed some authors state that in order to lose weight you should limit your consumption to 4 oz a day.

There are some other limitations too, such as peanuts not being allowed as they are a type of legume, plus cashew nuts as these cannot be eaten raw.

Some people on the Paleo Diet will also choose to drink unsweetened almond or coconut milk instead of dairy options.


Oil from plants such as olive or nut oil are allowed. You are also recommended to consume fish oil supplements when undertaking this diet.


It will come as no surprise to you that you are allowed to drink water, apart from that there is not a lot of other options apart from tea.

Some authors allow for the occasional coffee or a little alcohol, though most would recommend cutting out those drinks high in artificial sugars or sweeteners.

What can’t you eat on the Paleo Diet?

We now know what we are allowed to eat whilst on the Paleo Diet, now lets find out what we are not allowed to consume:

Refined sugars

Caveman DietIt is not surprising that sugar should be avoided as not many diet would recommend too much if you wanted to lose weight.

You are allowed a little honey or maple syrup occasionally, however.


As it is not possible to collect vast amounts of grain to eat this food type is not part of the Paleo Diet.

Starchy tubers

Even though some authors would allow the occasional root vegetable, most would say to avoid potatoes, yams, cassava, manioc and many forms of beet.


The reason why legumes are not allowed to be consumed is that they cannot be eaten raw.

Legumes also contain a high quantity of lectins that can affect your metabolism due to the fact they can mimic hormones that control your weight.

Dairy products

Simply people from the Paleolithic period did not eat dairy product such as milk or cheese as the animals were not domesticated.

Some authors will say that butter is okay occasionally as it does not contain large quantities of either lactose or casein though others will disagree.

What is agreed is that if you are going to eat any dairy then the animal should be eating a natural diet.

Some meats

Processed meat such as bacon and sausage for example should be avoided, although cured meats are allowed.


If you are considering the Paleo Diet then you should not consume any corn, cottonseed, peanut, soybean, rice bran or wheat germ oil.

Mayonnaise is one of the products that may contain these oils.


As with most of the popular diets available it is advised that you at least cut back on the amount of salt you consume.

What else is recommended alongside the Paleo Diet?

If you are eating the Paleo Diet and want to lose weight then you need to do a little exercise as well to see results.

Remember cavemen did not wait for their food to be brought to them, they had to get up and find it themselves.

There are still those who still say that the Paleo Diet is simply a fad, yet there is no arguing with the results.

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  1. I had a conversation recently about what people can eat with the Paleo diet and I was pretty clueless. Now I have this to refer to!

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