What is Brideorexia?

What is Brideorexia?

With pressure to get in the best shape of their lives, brides-to-be are taking increasingly drastic measures to lose weight.

This disorder is known as brideorexia, but is it a dangerous condition?

Side effects of brideorexia

Dramatic weight loss and malnutrition has been shown to reduce the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which can reduce the feeling of happiness.

This weight loss can also result in an increase in chemicals that cause stress.

Combined this can lead the bride-to-be to experience depression and social withdrawal that can trigger destructive behaviour that can affect relationships.

Brideorexia compared with healthy living

Of course if you want to look as good as possible on your wedding day then go ahead, but you must not risk your long-term health to achieve this goal.

Starving yourself or exercising for hours a day is simply not healthy. Neither is abusing laxatives or other extreme weight loss methods like making yourself vomit.

To lose weight for your upcoming wedding I would suggest healthy living instead of extreme behaviours.

Lose Weight for WeddingStart by cutting back on junk food and takeaways, these are full of additives like sugar and salt, which will add potentially hundreds of additional calories to your diet.

Instead replace these with whole foods, which are foods that are minimally processed.

These are foods like fruits and vegetables that are traditionally low in calories but high in the nutrients essential for good health.

Next, you need to think about eating more fibre-rich and protein-rich foods. This is because they are slow to digest so will keep you fuller for longer.

Fibre is also good for any digestive problems too, so say goodbye to any bloating or constipation.

Protein on the other hand is a good source of energy that wont cause a blood sugar spike and subsequent crash that will result in further food cravings.

It is also good for repairing any damaged muscle fibres you encounter through exercise.

What you drink also has an impact on your weight, so think about cutting back on soft drinks. In particular those full of sugars, but remember that even those made with artificial sweeteners have been found to increase cravings for sugar.

It maybe boring but if weight loss is your goal then water should be your go-to drink. There are a number of reasons why.

To start it is free of calories, plus can help curb your appetite, finally drinking water can help to flush out the toxins that prevent weight loss. The removal of these toxins can also give you the clear skin you want for your big day too.

To lose weight for your upcoming wedding you should also try to get some exercise too.

I would recommend incorporating some weight training into your usual cardio workouts, as it has been shown that building muscle will enable you to burn more calories even during rest.

Finally, try to get a minimum of 7 hours sleep per night and try to eliminate stress from your life too.

Both have been shown to affect the chemicals that control your appetite.

Hopefully these few tips will ensure you do not have to resort to extreme measures to fit in to your wedding dress.

Resorting to brideorexia is not a healthy option, and could risk not only your long-term health but your relationship too.


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