What is the Best Time Of Day To Exercise?

What is the Best Time Of Day To Exercise?

We are all aware of the impact that exercise can have on your weight loss efforts so finding what time of day will give you the best results is a question many people ask themselves.

Lets look at each time of the day to see which is best:

Exercise in the morning?

The morning is the best time for cardiovascular exercises, especially if performed within an hour of first waking up.

After you have had a nights sleep your metabolism will usually be running pretty slowly, therefore your ability to burn calories and fat will be reduced too.

By starting your day with some exercise you will give your metabolism the kick it needs.

I would recommend that you eat a breakfast rich in protein as this will help your body to recover and will help keep your metabolism burning throughout the day.

Exercise in the afternoon?

Exercise in the afternoon is certainly not the best time of the day, yet if this is your only opportunity then it is better than no exercise at all.

It is best to do moderate exercise during the middle of the day as this will keep your metabolism high, ensuring you burn off those morning calories.

Exercise in the evening?

If you want to see the best results from weight training then you should go in the evening.

Your metabolic rate is linked to your body’s muscle mass so the more muscle mass you have the more calories and fat you will be able to burn even when resting.

Lifting weights in the evening ensures your metabolism is high when you go to sleep. You will also find that your body will recover better overnight.

Many people are short of time and are unable to choose when they exercise, so even if one time is better than the others it is better to do some exercise when you get the opportunity than none at all.

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