What is the Fasting Diet?

What is the Fasting Diet?

The Fasting Diet was originally created by medical journalist Dr Michael Mosley who wanted to create a “food-free window twice a week” that “helps the body repair itself.

Following its appearance on the BBC Horizon program Eat, Fast and Live Longer its popularity has soared with thousands looking to lose weight with its simple premise.

How does the Fasting Diet work?

The Fasting Diet, Fast Diet or 5:2 Diet as it is often called uses a simple concept where you are allowed to eat normally during 5 days of the week, but on the other 2 days you have to severely restrict your calorie intake (500 calories for women, 600 for men).

It is believed that this will reduce your overall calorie intake and hence ensure you lose weight.

One of the things that attracts so many people to the diet is its flexibility as you can simply change your ‘fasting days’ to suit your own schedule, perhaps if you are going out for a meal with friends or loved ones for example.

Celebrity fans of the Fasting Diet?

Beyonce, Miranda Kerr, Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck and Christy Turlington are all rumoured to be fans of the Fasting Diet yet there is one who has been very vocal of its results.

Phillip Schofield Fasting DietThis Morning presenter Phillip Schofield has used this diet in the past and has lost as much as 9lbs in just 4 weeks using its methods.

I am on the new 5:2 Diet, I’ve been doing it for about three weeks and am really hungry,” stated Phillip before announcing that he had lost half a stone in weight.

Yet despite these celebrity fans there are still doubts surrounding the effectiveness of the Fasting Diet.

Can you lose weight on the Fasting Diet?

Obviously reducing your calorie intake should help you to lose weight, in fact the reduction to just 500 calories for the 2 days should ensure you lose as much as a pound a week.

There are other benefits that is claimed by the Fasting Diet too, including the ability to reduce your risk of diabetes and other forms of disease.

It is also claimed to help with your memory and could even extend your life span too.

Although the Fasting Diet can help you to lose weight one of main issues surrounding the diet is whether you use a little moderation on the days when you can eat normally (feast days).

It may seem that you can eat whatever you want on those 5 days, yet if you eat too much then any benefits you see on the fasting days will be lost.

If you are unable to use a little common sense and self control then you may be better off just sticking to a more traditional diet that would involve portion control throughout the entire week.

You are simply not going to reach your weight loss goals if you are going to binge on those feast days.

There is a now a fasting supplement available designed to help cut down on those cravings on your fasting days.

Benefits of intermittent fasting

Please watch the video below to find out some of the incredible benefits you can experience when undertaking a fasting diet:

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