What shouldn’t you say to a dieter?

What shouldn’t you say to a dieter?

Weight loss can be a sensitive issue for many which is why it is important not to be negative to those who are trying their best to succeed.

It is especially important not to say things like “you needed to lose weight”. As this can make them feel bad about themselves, which in some cases can cause them to fall off the wagon and revert back to their old eating habits.

You need to think about peoples feelings and perhaps put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you were trying to lose weight and you felt as though you were not getting to support you needed?

If giving advice, also remember that what worked for you or someone else may not work for them.

Here are some other things that are best not said to a dieter:

#1 – “Don’t eat that

If you become too controlling of what a person is eating they will become annoyed and may eat what you have asked them not to out of spite.

They have to make their own choices, whether it is good or bad for them.

#2 – “Taste this

When someone is dieting they have likely set aside a set number of calories, which will be undermined if you are tempting them with other foods.

#3 – “You look fine

While it is nice to hear compliments, if someone wants to lose weight it is obviously got to be their own decision that will likely be made due to how they feel about their looks.

Sometimes the decision to lose weight is due to health concerns but the vast majority of times are purely due to aesthetics.

#4 – “You are not making progress

Even if they are not losing weight you cannot simply criticise them.

They may be trying their hardest and this negativity can only lead to resentment and the possibility of quitting.

Be supportive and if they want to hear it, try and find out if they have an issue and try to offer a solution.

#5 – “Don’t become anorexic

When dieters first begin it is doubtful that they will be tempted by such a condition. However, some may find that as they attempt to lose the weight they are willing to try anything to achieve their goal.

It is important to stay positive and ignore any negative comments, focus on their goal and try and help if possible. You may find that taking the focus off weight loss and instead focussing on healthy living will yield better results.

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