What Type of Dieter Are You?

What Type of Dieter Are You?

A new survey by CSIRO has looked at the dieting habits of 28,000 people.

They discovered that there were 5 main dieting personalities:

1) The Thinker – 41%

This diet type tend to overthink and worry about failure, which leads to stress that can derail their efforts.

2) The Craver – 25%

Those with this diet personality tend to crave delicious foods and find it difficult to stop. This leads to overeating, especially when tempted.

3) The Foodie – 15%

This diet personality love food, whether that involves making, eating or experiencing it.

4) The Socialiser – 15%

They do not let strict food restrictions ruin their social schedule.

5) The Freewheeler – 4%

This final diet personality tend to make spontaneous and impulsive food choices. This makes planning meals difficult.

Speaking about the survey CSIRO behavioural scientist Sinead Golley had this to say:

“If you have struggled to maintain your diet after a few weeks, your personal diet type will shed light on what behaviours and habits are creating a barrier for you.”

“Knowing your personal diet type helps you maintain a healthy eating plan because you are more aware and equipped to manage moments of weakness.”

What else did this study discover?

This study also found that in our lifetime 9 out of 10 people will attempt to lose weight, 50% of these will try to lose weight at least 6 times with 20% having tried to lose weight more than 25 times.

Those who are perfectionists are those who are most likely to fail on a diet, while foodies are those who are most likely to be of a normal weight.

The reason perfectionists are less likely to succeed at weight loss is that they tend to overthink, they also have a fear of failure, the survey found.

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