When should you weigh yourself?

When should you weigh yourself?

While the advice from experts is that you should really weigh yourself monthly, or at the very most weekly. Definitely not every day as some of us do.

Not only will your weight fluctuate daily, sometimes going up and sometimes down, but you are likely to be too caught up in those small goals that you take your eyes off the bigger picture.

However, in a recent study the opposite seems to be true.

During the study researchers looked at a group of both obese and overweight adults who would regularly engage in weight loss programs as well as those who wished to maintain their current weight.

They discovered that those who weighed most often:

  1. Had the most success
  2. Gained the least weight over a 2 year period

Weighing yourselfSo why do those who weigh often see the best results. Well, these people are able to recognise what is causing weight gain or weight loss quickly so are able to change what they are currently doing accordingly.

If for example you went out over the weekend and overindulged you will no doubt realise your mistake the next time you weight so will be able to take action.

However, if you were to wait a month to weigh the damage may already be done and if you have overindulged a few more times during that month you will find it difficult to rectify your mistake.

So when and how should you weigh?

Here are some simple rules you should follow regarding when and how you should weigh:

  • You should weigh everyday
  • It is best to weigh in the morning
  • You should weight while your stomach is empty, preferably before you eat breakfast or have a drink
  • Weigh after your trip to the bathroom
  • When you are dry, not when wet after a shower/bath
  • Preferably naked

Just remember that your weight can fluctuate so don’t worry too much if your weight jumps overnight without any reason.

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