Which celebrities have tried the 5:2 Diet?

Which celebrities have tried the 5:2 Diet?

Over the past year or so there have been numerous news reports on the 5:2 Diet and other forms of intermittent fasting.

Some of the more popular news reports are obviously going to be about the celebrities who have jumped on the bandwagon and have reportedly lost weight with intermittent fasting.

Celebrities such as Beyonce, Ben Affleck, Liv Taylor, Christy Turlington Burns, Benedict Cumberbatch and even Kate Middleton’s Uncle are all said to be fans.

Here are the top 5 celebs to have tried intermittent fasting:

Miranda Kerr

It seems that the Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, who is also a certified nutritionist is a fan of intermittent fasting diets such as the 5:2 Diet.

Now you may think that achieving her body is out of your reach, but you can certainly go a long way to improving your own body with the help of a fasting diet.

The Wolverine

With only 2 days fasting needed each week you can fit it around any lifestyle. Just stick to the recommended 500 or 600 calorie restriction (depending on your sex) and you should do well.

Hugh Jackman

For Hugh Jackman’s latest film, The Wolverine he had to bulk up for the role.

Following a strict fasting diet he would eat large amounts on certain days of the week then fast for others to achieve the desired look.

“It’s (an) important theme in the character and the story, the control versus chaos, and having that very lean, muscular body with veins (was necessary).”

Richard Wilson

The 77-year old star of the popular BBC sitcom One Foot in the Grave has stated how he has used the 5:2 Diet to lose weight.

Despite previous claims that he has struggled with his weight for years Richard has admitted to losing 12lbs in just 5 weeks.

“It’s the latest trend, quite a lot of people are doing it. And it really loses weight for you – I’ve lost about 12 lbs in five weeks.”

“The great thing is that the fasting days are tough but you know that the next day you can eat.”

Philip Schofield

In-between filming of his ITV game show Mrs & Mrs, Philip Schofield has admitted to losing 9lbs on the 5:2 Diet.

“I am on the new 5:2 diet. I’ve been doing it for about three weeks and am really hungry.”

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall fastingThe food writer Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has admitted to having lost 8lbs using intermittent fasting.

“I’ve lost eight pounds already, and I find the whole thing rather exhilarating. I feel I might just be part of a health revolution.”

“But is it really sustainable, for me or for significant numbers of others? Can I honestly say I’m backing myself to be fasting regularly a year from now? I very much want the answer to be yes.”

Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond the Scottish First Minister is also a fan of the 5:2 Diet after advice given to him by former Bank of England governor Sir Mervyn King.

“It works for me because I love food.”

“I have to time it right but it is difficult as I’m at functions every day.”

“But I can say to myself ‘I’m not having this delicious meal now, because I can have it tomorrow’ – it’s easier psychologically.”

“It can be a struggle but I’ve dropped about two stone and two collar sizes.”

Viola Davis

Hollywood actress Viola Davis is also a fan of the 5:2 Diet or so called “Wolverine Diet” after using it for her upcoming James Brown biopic, Get on Up.

“[I’m] losing a little weight. When I say ‘a little,’ I mean ‘a little.”

“For eight hours in that day, you eat anything you want. They tell you not to binge, but you choose those eight hours.”

George Osborne

Current Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne may be better known for counting the pennies, but he has recently started counting the pounds too following his decision to start the 5:2 Diet.

A Government source said:

“George is on the 5-2 diet. Given the job he’s doing turning around the health of the economy, it’s unsurprising that he’s keeping himself in shape as well.”

Issues with the 5:2 Diet and intermittent fasting?

Any diet that restricts your calorie intake may increase the level of food cravings you experience, which if you are unable to control could lead to food binges.

An extended fast has also been claimed to result in a lack of essential nutrients being absorbed by your body.

This could result in health problems such as fatigue, headaches, hypoglycaemia and anaemia.

The main issue that surrounds intermittent diets like the 5:2 Diet is the fact that you are unlikely to lose weight if you choose to eat unhealthily on your ‘feast’ days, where you are allowed to eat a normal diet.

Unfortunately a normal diet should not involve too much junk food as this will have a negative impact on the benefits you can experience.

By all means have the occasional treat but too many will derail your weight loss efforts.

To be successful at the 5:2 Diet you should eat a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables. Plenty of lean protein such as chicken, turkey or fish are also recommended as protein can help to keep you full for longer and will help to keep your energy levels constant.

There are now also fasting supplements available if you find that you are unable to control your cravings.

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