Which Exercises Burns Most Calories?

Which Exercises Burns Most Calories?

We all know how important it is to burn calories when attempting to lose weight. By burning more calories than you take in you will create a calorie deficit that will ultimately result in lost lbs.

Although you can reduce the amount of calories consumed this can cause hunger cravings that can make you want to quit your new healthier lifestyle.

Rather than a drastic diet you should consider exercise. Here are 5 of the top exercises that can burn the most calories:

#5 – Rowing

Even though stationary rowing machines are less popular than ever they are still an effective method of burning calories.

An hour at maximum intensity will help burn as much as 650 calories while also giving your upper and lower body a great workout.

#4 – Kickboxing

Both kickboxing and boxing are a great full body workout that can help you to burn 815 calories every hour.

As you are moving and using force to strike you are getting an intense cardio workout.

#3 – Skipping

When you think of a skipping rope you will obviously think about boxing, well there is a reason for this as it can provide you with a great workout.

A skipping rope is easy to carry around meaning you can complete a workout virtually anywhere, plus you can burn 815 calories every hour.

#2 – Squash

Although not as popular as tennis squash offers a much greater calorie burn.

If you have ever played squash you will know just how quick you are able to work up a sweat.

No wonder you can burn as much as 820 calories every hour.

#1 – Running

If you can perform an hour of running at maximum intensity you will be able to burn 850 calories.

You don’t even need a gym membership as you can run outside if you like.

In conclusion

If you want to start burning calories and get in shape then it is time you start looking at increasing the amount of exercise you do.

These are just a few examples, if you can find one that you enjoy then you will find it much easier to burn those calories.

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