Why Am I Gaining Weight with Exercise?

Why Am I Gaining Weight with Exercise?

To lose weight it is always recommended that you exercise, after-all how are you going to burn off all those excess calories before they are inevitably turned into fat?

While exercise can help burn fat, improve your mood, increase energy levels and improve your sleep it could also cause you to gain weight, but how?

Well, exercise, in particular weight training will cause an increase in muscle mass, which can cause your weight to increase even though your body fat percentage may drop. Muscle weighs more than fat, remember?

While this is true, this is not the purpose of this particular article. Instead we will be discussing how exercise can sometimes promote the wrong kind of weight gain, in the form of fat.

What is your diet like?

While there are undoubtedly various benefits you can experience through exercise you need to be aware that it can cause an increase in appetite, which if you are not careful could result in weight being gained.

To help with these cravings it is suggested that you fill up with sources of fibre and protein as they are slower to digest.

Obvious protein choices include chicken and turkey, while you should also try to eat foods such as beans, whole grains nuts and vegetables.

If you are hungry post-workout you should try to avoid simple carbs like white bread or pasta, even if you are craving them as the hidden sugars that they contain can soon add up.

Instead I would suggest eating complex carbohydrates instead.

An example would be to swap a white bread sandwich with jam for some Greek yoghurt and granola. It contains less sugar, yet will help to fill you up.

Any other suggestions?

It has been suggested that artificial sweeteners can cause sugar cravings, as consuming them can lead to a similar blood sugar and insulin spike you would associate with sugar consumption.

Unfortunately, when your blood sugar and insulin levels fall you will likely experience those unwanted cravings.

Our final tip to ward off cravings would be to eat more often, therefore your body does not get to the point where it is desperate for food.

Final thought

Exercise is incredibly important for reaching your weight loss goals, so don’t leave your diet ruin your overall efforts.

To succeed and reach your target weight both your exercise regime and diet need to work in tandem. Otherwise you will never see the results that you want.

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