Why can’t I lose weight?

Why can’t I lose weight?

Even though you seem to be doing everything right those pesky pounds are simply not moving.

Perhaps there are things you are currently doing that are harming your weight loss efforts, do any of the following sound familiar?

#1 – You eat once a day but still can’t lose weight?

Skipping meals is a diet no-no that won’t actually help you to reach your weight loss goals.

Although you may initially lose weight your metabolism will start to slow, which means that you will not see the losses you saw at the beginning of the diet.

Instead of skipping mealtimes you would be better off eating 5-6 smaller but more nutritious meals at regular intervals throughout the day.

Doing so will help to keep your metabolism high, while the almost constant meals will stop your blood sugar levels from dropping too low, which will result in cravings.

#2 – You exercise non-stop but have gained weight

Exercise is certainly going to help you to become slimmer and more healthy. It may not necessarily help you to lose weight.

If you are not used to exercise then you may not have much muscle mass, as you exercise and become stronger fat will start to be burnt from your body while muscle will be gained.

As muscle weighs more than fat you may notice that you become less fat but the numbers on the scales have increased.

#3 – You spend hours on the treadmill for no reward

If you regularly do the same workout routine every time you visit the gym then your body will get used to it and you will stop seeing the results for your hard work.

Instead of sticking to the same routine, mix them up a bit. Try some new exercises and keep your body guessing as this will give you the results you desire.

#4 – You have swapped soda for juice but your weight hasn’t dropped

Although we all know that caffeinated soda is bad for you, fruit juice is not really a healthy alternative.

Of course the occasional drink of juice wont really harm you need to realise that these juices contain natural sugars and often unnatural sugars and ingredients.

Your best bet is to drink plain water, which may sound boring but you can add a small slice of lemon to make the taste more bearable.

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