Reasons why your resolution to lose weight will fail

Reasons why your resolution to lose weight will fail

Even though it is still early in 2015 there are many of us already struggling to keep to our New Year resolution to lose weight, but why is that?

Here are a few reasons why your resolution is destined for failure:

#1: Stress from the holidays

When you are stressed out your body will create excess levels of cortisol, which will unfortunately cause food cravings.

Around the Christmas and New Year holidays even though many of us have time off work, there is still a lot of stress around, what with ensuring your loved ones are being looked after for example.

To beat this stress take some time to yourself, get a little exercise and the feel-good hormones that will be released will be able to combat any stress you are experiencing.

You could also try meditation, reading or simply having a nice relaxing warm bath.

#2: Your hunger cues are off

Most of us during the Christmas and New Year break will overindulge, which means that you will be eating foods that you most likely are able to avoid the rest of the year.

Unfortunately, this overindulgence has caused a disruption in your ghrelin and leptin levels. This means that you are less able to gauge your hunger levels.

Rather than going cold turkey and detoxing immediately after the New Year celebrations, take it slow and get back into your old healthy routine as this will be less of a shock to your system.

#3: Are you SAD

Some of us during those long winter months will suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder), which can cause depression and weight gain.

If you do suffer from this then you may not want to exercise or eat healthily so you may be better off waiting a couple of months until you can give 100% effort to your weight loss goals.

#4: You start too strong

If you want to lose weight then you need to work yourself into it.

You cannot go from eating rubbish and not exercising one day to eating healthily and getting regular exercise the next. It is too big a jump for most people and will likely result in them quitting.

#5: The gyms are too full

Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year resolutions so you will likely find that the gym is going to be extremely full for at least a couple of months.

Not only will this make working out that much harder, as there is less equipment to go around, but if you are self-conscious you may not wish to be surrounded by so many strangers.

#6: You fail to address why you gained weight

While you should be applauded for wanting to lose any excess weight, if you are unable to see what caused the weight gain in the first place you will probably be unable to change this past behaviour.

Before you rush into a new routine, have a think about what issues you have; for instance do you eat too much, or don’t get enough exercise?

#7: You are full of toxins

One thing many of us do over the Christmas and New Year holiday is drink alcohol, which can compromise the efficiency of your liver.

This means that you are unable to remove those built up toxins and therefore will find losing fat difficult too.

To get your liver functioning properly again have a drink of some water every morning with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

#8: You choose a crash diet

Crash diets may seem like a good idea and you will undoubtedly lose weight quickly with them, however they are certainly not the best idea in the long run.

For a start the weight lost will likely only be ‘water weight’ or waste so will likely return once you start eating or drinking again, often with a little extra as your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) will be lowered.

Secondly, and probably most alarmingly is that many of these crash diets may cause serious harm to you.

How to succeed at weight loss in 2015

Rather than putting pressure on yourself forget about that resolution for a start, if you want to change then a few subtle changes can make a huge difference to the weight you see on the scales.

Here are some ideas:

  • Use some portion control
  • Track what you are eating
  • Replace your usual beverage with water

Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise you can make this year the year you finally reach your weight loss goal.

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