Is the Wild Raspberry Ketone trial offer a scam?

Is the Wild Raspberry Ketone trial offer a scam?

It has been a while since Raspberry Ketones first came to our attention, yet still more supplements are being created week after week to try and cash in on their popularity.

One of these supplements is called Wild Raspberry Ketone, which is being offered as a “risk-free trial”. Would we recommend this supplement or is it like so many of these trial offers a scam?

Claims made by Wild Raspberry Ketone

Apart from their claim that using this supplement will help you “lose weight automatically without having to think about it”, they have also made the following claims:

  • Lose your cravings
  • Burn stored fat
  • Retain muscle mass
  • Eat less, feel better

While these claims sound ok, we have seen the exact same ones on various other trial products. No doubt this product is a re-packaged version of one of those supplements.

Ingredients found in Wild Raspberry Ketone

Although Raspberry Ketones, Green tea and Caffeine have been listed as the ingredients of Wild Raspberry Ketone there is no mention of the dosages, or if there are any filler ingredients present.

This is disappointing as although these ingredients are proven to aid your own slimming efforts it is always best to know what you are actually taking so that you know exactly what to expect.

For instance, Caffeine is a stimulant that will cause a boost in your metabolism, yet in high dosages may cause side effects such as insomnia or headaches amongst others.

Cost of Wild Raspberry Ketone

Before we discus the price of Wild Raspberry Ketone you need to understand that risk-free does not mean that this supplement is not going to cost you a penny. In fact this couldn’t be further from the truth.

For a start there is a £9.95 postage charge, but worse is yet to come.

Unfortunately like so many trial offers before it you will be charged the full purchase price of £79.31 15 days after your initial sign up.

Also hidden away in the terms and conditions is the fact that you will also be charged this amount every month thereafter while further packages are sent.

Is this trial offer a scam?

Wild Raspberry Ketone have covered their payment terms in their T&Cs, however this is not going to make you feel any less like you have been scammed should you find yourself being charged every month for a product that may not even work.

My advice would be to give Wild Raspberry Ketone a wide berth, there are plenty of alternatives that work and are more affordable too.

Contact details for Wild Raspberry Ketone

You can contact Wild Raspberry Ketone either by phone using 08455 281363 or by email using support@wildraspberryketone.com

If you have signed up for this trial offer then please leave a comment below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Wild Raspberry Ketone

A proven alternative to Wild Raspberry Ketone is Raspberry Ketone Plus, which is available to buy from the Evolution Slimming website.

This supplement contains the recommended dosage of Raspberry Ketones so you know that you are going to experience the full benefits of the fruit.

A months supply will cost just £19.95, which is considerably cheaper and you wont ever have to sign up for any auto-shipping so you know there are going to be no hidden charges being made.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

52 comments on "Is the Wild Raspberry Ketone trial offer a scam?"
  1. I recently obtained my free trial offer . Please can you now cancel any further orders

    Thank You

    David Rooke.

  2. I recently obtained my free trial offer . Please can you now cancel any further orders

    Thank You

    J Archer

  3. i recently signed up for a free trial of wild raspberry keytone and to my hoorror foun d 2 lots of charges amounting to £145 plus i have been in touch with the fraud team of my bank who tell me that if i return the goods and send them the posting reciet ie recorded delivery slip they will be able to get my money back and also stop any further payments i am in the process of founding where to send it which seems to be cyprus although it was sent from the UK i hope eventually these peoplke will be stopped

    • am not paying no more money to use even got bank to stop use taking more money use are conning people out of money

    • They are a bunch of theiving bastards, the police should get them.

  4. I recently purchased a wild raspberry ketone and a daily power cleanse for which I paid £2.95 each but since receiving my bank statement I find that you have charged me £2.95 four times. I have contacted my bank who have suggested that I return them to you and you refund me the money I have paid. I have spoken to the fraud department also who are investigating. Your prompt attention to this matter would be appreciated to avoid me reporting this matter further. Joy Smth

  5. want no more samples must av been mad to order when theres only 55 pounds taking out my bank

  6. i received your trial but do not wish to receive any more of your products. thank you
    Mrs lynne lochinger
    14 lewry close
    hedge end
    SO30 4 EW

  7. I received your trial packs and wish to cancel Any further products from this company’

  8. I to got trial size at £2.95 then today to my horror they have taken £79 out my bank . I phoned them . They said will refund £56 then when I send trial back will refund £19.99. But I have to pay for to send them back . It’s a joke . And I’m still waiting on the email for my return number and the address .my bank said if not refunded they will get in contact with the fraud to them . Unreal doing this to people

    • Same happened to me but how can you send back a so called free trial if you have tried them.Stuipid as you need to try them to see if they work.

  9. Instructions could do with being clearer and they should give you more information regarding withdrawing from the trial. There are no such instructions with the goods and how to take them correctly.

  10. I haven’t started taking any of the following Omega-3 IQ Elite, Wild Raspberry Ketone 60ct and Daily Power Cleanse 60ct and wish to withdraw from anymore from your company.
    My address is: Geraldine Compson
    81 Sable Close
    HU4 6UN
    United Kingdom

  11. I have just got my trail offer have emailed the company to cancel anymore but not had a reply can’t believe I have been so stupid

  12. Receive my trial please cancel any further orders

  13. hi I have just ordered the free trial of diet cleanse and raspberry keytones for a trial offer, i did not realise that you then come into s subscription so i want to get the free trial for the 32.95 and the diet cleanse for the £2.95 and cancel any membership or further orders, i want to see if it works for me and my husband first before i comitt to such a scheme, i would appreciate a reply to confirm you have received this email and to confirm i will not be charged any further costs, if in this case it turns out you have to pay full price for the items ordered then i wish to cancel the whole order and have no more comittment or obligation to your company, if it works and can afford the costs then i will come back to you, but want to try it first as i have many serious health problems and need to make sure there are no side effects when taking with all my daily medications. I look forward to your reply kind regards sheryl ferreday

    • Sheryl, this website is not linked nor endorses any trial offers. There are contact details available in the review above. I suggest you use them to contact the people behind this offer.

  14. sorry i made a mistake i want the free trial for 2 x 2.95 costs not 32.95 please confirm this is the case as i do not have alot of money so can not afford £32.95 at the moment, i am really worried about this, please come back to me to comfirm only going to pay £5.90 for the two items ordered as they are on a free trial regards sheryl

  15. please cancel any further orders

  16. Just discovered a 2nd payment of £79.31 taken from my credit card, no further tablets other than the 1st trial set received, thanks to the info provided above I’ve emailed Wild Raspberry Ketone cancelling any agreement they believe I signed up to and requested a full refund although I haven’t received any further deliveries to return??- also add insult to injury no weight loss from using the, I say this very loosely ‘Free Trial’ set of tablets.

  17. I have received my trial pack I hope just the postage and packing was taken out I do not wish to receive any more as I have major heart failure and other severe medical problems and take a huge amount of medication so please do not send me anymore and under any circumstances take money out of my account
    Many thanks
    Michele jackson

  18. Hi Jac.
    Came across this article after my mother (who is a pensioner) has found herself in a similar position to many of the people who have left comments. It is very clear from the replies above that there are many vulnerable people out there who may not be internet savvy and are, in my opinion, being exploited by these company’s who hide behind jargon and well hidden fine print.
    Hope the people above manage to resole their disputes successfully, I will be chasing the matter up too.
    By the way my mother has been using the trial pills and hasn’t found any benefits yet! She has lost many pounds but sadly just from her bank account!

  19. Hi
    I had the misfortune of ordering this, but once I received it, luckily I read the terms and conditions and saw the “Catch”. I returned my 14 day trail straight back to the “hidden” address about 5 pages down in their terms and conditions.
    Like many others, I had two £79.95 deducted from my credit card….Not my bank account. The Key is CREDIT CARD. I tried to phone the number wildraspberryketone.com had shown, but its fake no one answers. I then phoned Raspberry Ketone direct to find out that the above is not related to them at all even though it clearly shows links to them. Raspberry Ketone has had lots of issues with this site.
    I contacted my CREDIT CARD company explained I had sent back the trial package to the address (I had proof of postage) and my credit card refunded me all my money back.
    Morel of the story read the terms and conditions before purchase on this one, if not you maybe £150 down in two months time and if you purchase via your bank you will not get your money back.
    Don’t waste your money (pardon the pun)

  20. it a scam

  21. Oh dear, I just got my package today, and I saw the little note which says they have enrolled me for their convenient refill program.
    Unbelievable. I have emailed both sites very angrily. Does any one have a success story?
    It says on the website now if I cancel now they will charge me £27 (per trial). Shall I do that?? Oh god I’m not sure what to do….

  22. I wish to cancel I have tryed for 2months please e mail to confirm

  23. I am very disappointed at your FREE trial offer. I ordered these for the price of £2.95 then a week later I have £19.95 taken from my bank account. When I spoke to someone at your website I was told I had signed up for this and would be charged this amount every month. I definitely did not do this and this was not made clear to me when I placed the original order. I am disgusted by this scam and would like to make everyone else aware of this.

  24. I want no more tablets sent to me l feel they do not suitable for me and l would like you to send me no more l have told my bank not to pay you any funds if you apply them l will return the tablets if you require them

  25. This came as a computer pop up offer and i cannot find any trace of the companies. My credit card company did however have a telephone number which I rang. I have been given instructions to return the unused trial product to an address in Cypus to initiate a refund or £79.31 from P of L and 69.96 from V of W.

    I have no paperwork for any agreement I may have inadvertently signed up for so my C.C. company will not reimbuse me but have cancelled any future payments. the packaging refers to Phenom raspberry ketone and colon cleaner.


  26. I didn’t lose any weight so I sent tablets back for refund of 79-99 I nearly died they told me free trial

  27. Ordered both products on a “free trial basis ” paying only PP at £2.95 per item , took over 2 weeks for products to arrive , I then saw on my bank statement that I had been charged over £145 for 2 more deliveries which I have not even received yet !!!! I have contacted the company by phone today and have cancelled my “agreement “with them and asked for my money to be refunded, the lady on the phone gave me 2 alternatives , return the unused tablets from the so – called free trial to the address on the packaging ( Larnaca in Cyprus ) for full refund or keep remaining tablets and receive partial refund of £109 immediately !!!! I have chosen the latter because I am desperate to be rid of this ridiculous agreement and do not wish to be charged for any further products. I would urge anyone who see’s this companies advert to steer clear and do not agree to any trial offer, I have learned the hard way that what they say and what they do are two different things.

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