5 Reasons Women Need More Muscle

5 Reasons Women Need More Muscle

Women are often put off from gaining muscle as they do not want to look too bulky or masculine.

However this is unlikely to happen as women simply do not have the hormones to cause such drastic transformations.

Let me tell you that muscle is very important for various reasons, here are just 5 reasons why women need more muscle:

#1: It can help you to live longer

Research has shown that more women than men are hospitalised after falls when they are older, which has been linked to a lack of muscle mass.

If you do the work now, then your muscle strength will remain as you age, which should help prevent this occurring and therefore helping to extend your life.

#2: Can help with your weight loss efforts

If you are looking to lose a few pounds then you need to think about doing more than just cardio.

Lifting weights can help build muscle, which will help to burn more calories than cardio. You will not only burn calories while you workout but also for up to 24 hours post workout too.

When you build muscle your metabolic rate will also be higher, as muscle has been shown to burn more calories while at rest than fat.

#3: It helps prevent ‘skinny fat

Skinny fat is when your are thin but are not toned. This could be as a result of muscle loss when experiencing a drastic diet, or maybe you did not have much muscle to begin.

Either way, if you are ‘skinny fat’ then your metabolism will be slower due to the lack of muscle, which could put you at risk of future weight gain if you are not careful with your diet.

Fit femaleIf your metabolism is slow then you will find that burning calories will be more of a struggle.

By building muscle not only will your metabolic rate improve, but you will look more toned too.

#4: Will improve your heart health

If you regularly strength train then you will be able to improve your heart health by reducing body fat levels, your blood pressure, while at the same time improving your good cholesterol levels.

#5: It makes you feel good

Research has shown that women who start to lift weights and start building strength and muscle become more confident and get their self-belief back, particularly after the birth of a child.

Perhaps it is just the act of taking time for themselves or their gains that make them feel like this, either way you will feel better about yourself when you start to build muscle.

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