3 Workout Mistakes you are Making

3 Workout Mistakes you are Making

To lose weight we all know by know that your diet is of utmost importance, we also know that exercise is important for both weight loss and overall good health.

What we may not know is that there are some workout mistakes that maybe stopping you from reaching your weight loss goals effectively.

Read on to find out what these mistakes are, and whether there is anything we can do to rectify the problems.

#1: You try to spot reduce fat

Unfortunately it is not possible to spot reduce fat, so those endless planks and crunches are not going to give you those killer abs that you have been dreaming of.

If you want to lose fat from a particular area then you need to be prepared to lose it from all over your body too.

#2: You only do cardio

While cardio is a good way to burn calories, if it is the only form of exercise that you do then you are certainly missing a trick.

Cardio will help burn calories and fat, but it can also cause a reduction in muscle mass too, which will reduce your overall metabolism too.

Working OutI suggest to you that you consider lifting some weights alongside your cardio as well. Not only to keep the muscle you have but to build a little as well.

Research has shown that increased muscle mass will lead to a higher metabolism. Therefore helping you to burn more calories than before, even while you are resting.

You will also find that the workouts themselves are more beneficial too, as a purely cardio workout will only burn calories while you exercise, while a workout that involves weights too will help you to burn calories for up to 24 hours later.

#3: The only reason you workout is to lose weight

Of course losing weight is a good reason to workout, but it should not be your only reason.

What happens once you reach your weight loss goal? Will you stop exercising?

Weight loss is just one reason why you should exercise, your health should also be another reason, but you should also think of some reasons that are important to you too.

For example, does exercise make you feel happy, or good about yourself? If so then that is another reason.

If you have a reason to workout then you will be more likely to do it. Remember sometimes the best reasons to do something are those that you cannot see.

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