Worst Diet of 2017 Revealed

Worst Diet of 2017 Revealed

If you are trying to lose weight and are looking at the various diets available you are no doubt confused about which one to try.

There are simply so many to choose from that this decision can seem almost impossible.

Well, the U.S. News & World Report may help. As well as listing what it has decided are the best diets of 2017, they have also discovered the worst diet of 2017 too.

Read on to discover what diets they recommend as well as the one diet that they would recommend you avoid.

What is the rankings factors of these diets?

The U.S. News & World Report used the following ranking factors when looking at the proposed diets:

  • Long-term weight loss
  • Short-term weight loss
  • Efficiency at preventing disease
  • Ease
  • Safety
  • Nutritional completeness

What are the best diets of 2017?

The best diets of 2017 ranked by the U.S. News & World Report are:

  1. DASH Diet
  2. Mediterranean Diet (fruit, veg, olive oil, fish etc)
  3. MIND Diet (food that specifically affects brain health)
  4. The Flexitarian Diet (casual vegetarianism)
  5. Mayo Clinic Diet (big on fruits, vegetables and whole grains)
  6. TLC Diet (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes plan created by the National Institutes of Health)
  7. Weight Watchers Diet
  8. The Fertility Diet (10-step programme for promoting pregnancy)
  9. Volumetrics Diet (low-density food)
  10. Jenny Craig Diet (delivered, pre-packaged meals)

What is the worst diet of 2017?

The worst diet of 2017 has been voted as being the Whole30 diet.

This diet lasts a month and promotes clean eating, so you will be cutting out all sugars, grains, dairy and legumes.

The theory behind the diet is that by the end of the month you will be out of the habit of eating junk foods, so wont be tempted by them.

What makes the Whole30 diet so bad?

While this diet may work in the short term, after-all you are denying yourself all those bad foods that cause weight gain, it is unlikely you will be able to stick to it long-term.

Even though you are supposed to be learning new healthier habits while on this diet, chances are you will still be cravings these junk foods, with temptation likely to rise until you give into temptation.

A more flexible approach that allows the occasional indulgence maybe a better option for you.


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