4 Worst Dieting Tips – Why you should avoid these methods

4 Worst Dieting Tips – Why you should avoid these methods

With Christmas and New Year fast approaching you maybe starting to worry about dropping a few excess pounds in the hope of slipping into that tight little dress.

So what can you do? Well, there are various methods you can try that will give you the desired weight loss results. But there are also various methods you should avoid too.

These are the worst dieting tips we have found, make sure you don’t fall for their claims, as you may regret it.

#1: Choosing low-fat foods

Low-fat must be good for weight loss, right? After-all, it is fatty foods that make us gain weight?

Well, this is not completely correct. There are bad fats, but there are also good fats that your body needs for a variety of functions.

Good fats could even aid your weight loss efforts.

Also, you need to be careful when choosing low-fat foods as they are often full of added sugars and salts, to make the foods taste better.

Removing the fat from food can make it taste bland, which is why these additives are added.

Instead of cutting fat from your diet entirely, choose healthy fats instead. One of the best fats (omega-3) is found in fish.

#2: The more you sweat the more weight lost

Of course it is a good idea to try and work up a sweat when working out, but there is little correlation between pounds lost and sweat lost.

Remember sweat is essentially water weight, so once you re-hydrate any weight lost through sweating will be replaced.

While exercise is important for overall good health, it has been shown that its weight loss ability is less effective.

As the saying goes, “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet”. So, if weight loss is your goal then you need to make sure your diet is on-point.

#3: You should cut carbs completely

Like fat, we also need carbs (it is essential for energy), which is why those diets that claim that cutting carbs will result in weight loss should be avoided.

Low Carb DietAs with fats, there are both good and bad carbs. Processed carbs like white bread, white pasta and white rice are best avoided, while those made using un-refined grains should be consumed instead.

Processed carbs have very little nutritional content, and are digested quickly resulting in blood sugar highs and subsequent crashes that result in further carb cravings.

#4: Starvation is key for weight loss

Starving yourself will surely result in weight loss, but at what cost?

You maybe cutting calories but you are also cutting essential nutrients too that will have a negative impact on your health.

You may also find that the weight loss results you experience may not be as good as you imagine.

When you starve yourself your body will take steps to hold onto its fat reserves. Essentially it will go into a sort of ‘starvation mode’ where your metabolism will slow, so fewer calories will be burnt.

Another issue is that as you are no longer burning fat for energy, your body will turn to your muscle mass instead. And as your muscle is broken down, your metabolism will slow even further.



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