5 Worst Exercises for Weight Loss

5 Worst Exercises for Weight Loss

You have likely heard it said countless times that to achieve your weight loss goals you will need to look at both your diet and your exercise regime.

What you may not know is that not all forms of exercise are as effective for weight loss as you may hope.

Below you will discover the worst exercises for weight loss, followed by what we recommend for the best results.

Worst Exercise #1: Side bends

This is a type of low-impact exercise that will burn very few calories.

What it could do however, is put strain on your lower back, which could potentially lead to injury that could leave you side-lined for weeks unable to workout.

Worst Exercise #2: Sit-ups

Once upon a time every trainer in the country would recommend the sit-up as an ideal way to build your core muscles, however times have moved on.

Not only do sit-ups burn very few calories, but performing this exercise could put undue stress onto your lumbar region. Resulting in lower back pain.

Worst Exercise #3: Shoulder press

While we would recommend weight training as a good form of exercise, if you perform any of them incorrectly then you could seriously injure yourself.

When you first start lifting weights, start off at a light weight and make sure your form is good.

You most certainly will not want to lift too heavy with incorrect form, as this will only result in injury.

Worst Exercise #4: Ab machine workout

These machines are designed to work the core, but many of us wont use them correctly. Instead using your shoulders and arms instead of your core.

SIde BendYou would getter a better core workout by performing crunches on a stability ball.

Worst Exercise #5: Waist twists

Waist twists will improve your flexibility but are not likely to burn many calories.

You may also risk injury if you twist too abruptly.

What Type of Exercise Would We Recommend?

While there is certainly benefit to most forms of exercise, if weight loss if your goal then I would recommend that you do not spend the entirety of your workout on a cardio machine such as the treadmill of elliptical.

These machines have their purpose and I most certainly would not tell you to skip them entirely, but not to focus your entire time on them.

The reason for this is that once you stop working out on these your calorie burning will stop immediately.

Whereas if you were to do a little weight training in conjunction with the cardio you can continue to burn calories long after the conclusion of your workout.

Weight training can also help to build lean muscle too, which can go a long way to increase your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate), which means you are able to burn off more calories even when you are at rest.

For those who lead busy lives and find that they are often short of time and unable to workout then I would suggest trying a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout.

This type of workout must be performed at 100% intensity, but the workouts will only last a few minutes so can be fit in with your busy lifestyle.

Remember if you want to lose weight and improve your overall health then making the time to exercise on a regular basis is good advice that you should adhere to.

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