5 of the worst foods for your diet

5 of the worst foods for your diet

Although you are working out regularly you may not seeing the results you would expect to see on the weighing scales.

Why is this? Perhaps you are eating or drinking something that is ruining all your good work.

Lets look at some of the worst foods for your diet, that you should really try to avoid.

Bad food #1: Fatty meats

Although many of us love to eat red meat it has been proven to reduce life span and has been linked to various forms of cancer.

Instead of choosing red meat, try white meat such as chicken or turkey.

These alternatives are high in protein, which offer various weight loss benefits.

For example protein is slow to digest so will help to keep you feeling fuller for longer, therefore reducing the amount of cravings you will experience.

Bad food #2: Alcohol

You like so many of us may enjoy the occasional drink, however alcohol contains ‘empty calories’ that will increase your daily calorie intake without you even realising.

Beer and wine in particular is full of calories, while many cocktails are full of sugar, which we know will ruin your weight loss efforts.

Bad food #3: Fried food

Chips and crisps are two of the worst offenders for weight gain, with many people across the globe eating them on a daily basis.

Worst foods for your dietOf course you can eat them in moderation, but if you find that you are eating them every day then you need to stop.

Fried food is full of saturated fat and refined carbs so cutting back on them can go a long way to aiding your weight loss attempt.

Bad food #4: Caffeinated drinks

There is no nutritional benefit to drinking caffeinated drinks, they are full of sugar that only serve to make you fat.

Even those diet alternatives are full of artificial sweeteners that can cause cravings to occur.

The best drink option is water, as it contains zero calories. It also helps curb cravings and is helpful for flushing out those toxins that cause weight gain.

Bad food #5: Fruit juice

Fruit juices often contain artificial sugars and sweeteners, while even those that are natural are not as healthy as you may believe.

When fruit has been squeezed it loses its fibre content. By eating a whole piece of fruit instead you will get the taste along with the beneficial fibre content.

In conclusion

Although the occasional bad food should not affect your good work too much, it is important that you eat them in moderation.

Your diet should really consist of fresh fruit and vegetables, along with a healthy amount of lean protein sources such as chicken or turkey.

Don’t forget exercise is also important for any weight loss attempt.

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