How to get a body like X Factor star Fleur East

How to get a body like X Factor star Fleur East

Over the past few months we have all been amazed by X Factor finalist Fleur East; not only for her vocal talents but also her toned physique. So what is the secret behind her body?

Well, to start the 26 year old has revealed that she often visits the gym 5 times a week, where she would do body conditioning, spinning and yoga among other exercises.

“On the treadmill I’ll do intervals of running flat and then on incline. I’ll do that for an hour. I find the running is amazing for my abs.”

“I do loads of squats with weights. Its great for your bum and legs.”

What about her diet?

With her gruelling X Factor schedule Fleur has admitted that her gym time has dropped over the past few months so she has had to eat healthier in order to compensate.

“I’ve been hyper-conscious about staying away from rubbish. I don’t eat white bread, white rice or cereal unless its porridge.”

Her final tip was that drinks coconut water.

“I have it all through the day — it’s so hydrating and even better than water.”

What are the health benefits of coconut water?

There are numerous health benefits associated with coconut water including:

#1: Weight loss

Coconut water contains very little fat content so wont affect your weight loss efforts should you consume it, unlike those caffeinated soft drinks.

It has also been shown to help suppress the appetite.

#2: Clear skin

If you suffer from acne or other skin blemishes then using coconut water topically can help clear up the issue.

When consumed it can help moisturise your skin while removing excess oil, is there any wonder you will see coconut oil as one of the ingredients found in various face creams and lotions.

#3: A hangover cure

Drinking coconut water after a night out can help settle your stomach and can also help replace those lost electrolytes after you have vomited.

#4: Aids digestion

Due to its high fibre content, coconut water can aid digestion and reduce acid reflux.

#5: Boosts hydration

Like Fleur mentioned, coconut water is incredibly effective at hydration; even more effective than most sports drinks.

When you exercise you lose minerals, however as coconut water contains 294 mg of potassium and 5 mg of natural sugar in each glass you can replace these lost minerals.

#6: Reduces blood pressure

Coconut water can help to balance out those electrolytes within the body that cause high blood pressure.

How much coconut water should you consume?

While there is no rule regarding the amount of coconut water you drink daily, It is recommended by experts that you try to lead an active lifestyle if you drink lots of it.

The reason being is that an 8 oz serving contains between 45-60 calories that can quickly mount up if you are not careful.

Where can you buy coconut water?

You should be able to buy coconut water in your local supermarket, or if you want to buy a fresh coconut to get the water from it I suggest that you try to stay clear from those with a hard brown shell, as these are mature.

Instead you should look for those that are green in colour as these will contain the most water.

To test the amount of water present in a fresh coconut simply shake it.

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