XLS Medical Fat Binder review – Bind fat and lose weight

XLS Medical Fat Binder review – Bind fat and lose weight

There are many different ways to lose weight, diet and exercise are still the most effective method yet there are other tools you can use to speed up your results.

One such method is by using a fat binder, which helps to reduce the amount of fat your body absorbs.

XLS Medical is a popular fat binder that you may already know a little about, thanks mainly to its advertisements on television.

Let us look at this fat binder in more detail to see if it could help you to reach your weight loss goals.

Benefits of using XLS Medical Fat Binder?

The following benefits can be experienced through the use of XLS Medical Fat Binder:

  • Bind up to 27% of your dietary fat
  • Help you to lose weight

How does XLS Medical Fat Binder work?

As previously mentioned XLS Medical Fat Binder can bind up to 27% of your dietary fat.

The main ingredient of XLS Medical Fat Binder is Litramine™, which is a scientifically proven natural fat binder that when consumed with bind with the fat in your body, creating a fat-fibre complex that will be too large to be absorbed by your body.

XLS Medical Fat Binder also contains vitamins A, D and E in order to compensate for the reduction of these vitamins caused by the fat binding.

Is XLS Medical Fat Binder proven?

Not only is its main ingredient Litramine™ patented, but XLS Medical Fat Binder is also registered as a Class 2A Medical Device.

A 2010 study was undertaken on the effects of Litramine™, with 81 overweight volunteers given either Litramine™ or a placebo over the course of 12 weeks.

At the conclusion of the 12 week study, those who had taken Litramine™ had lost 3 times as much weight as those who took the placebo.

Does XLS Medical Fat Binder cause any side effects?

Although XLS Medical Fat Binder has been proven to be safe to use, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water to avoid constipation and bloating.

XLS Medical Fat Binder conclusion

XLS Medical Fat Binder is certainly a good option if you are trying to lose weight but are unable to control your love of fatty foods.

It is made from a proven fat binding ingredient and is one of the most popular weight loss products currently available to buy.

Where to buy XLS Medical Fat Binder?

The best place to buy XLS Medical Fat Binder is from Boots, you can either buy it in your local store or if you are embarrassed you can order it online too.

A 3 month supply will cost £129.97, which is a saving of £50 off the RRP.

Click here to buy XLS Medical Fat Binder from Boots

Try XLS Medical Fat Binder for 5 days

You can also much smaller quantities if you want to test out its fat binding abilities, a 5 day supply of 30 tablets will cost £11.99 from Tower Health.

Click here to try XLS Medical Fat Binder for 5 days

An alternative to XLS Medical Fat Binder

Although XLS Medical Fat Binder is a good option it is certainly not the best option. In our opinion the best fat binder currently available to buy is Proactol XS.

Both fat binders use proven ingredients, although Proactol Plus may be a little better thanks to its ingredient that can bind up to 800 times its own weight.

Click here to read our full review of Proactol XS

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