5 Yoga Poses to Help Weight Loss

5 Yoga Poses to Help Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight then alongside your diet you should think about doing regular exercise too.

Of course cardio and resistance training are a good option, but what about yoga? It may also be a good alternative to those other methods.

Why is yoga a good option?

As well as being able to burn calories and increase strength and stamina, using yoga can also reduce stress, which can also be of benefit to your weight loss efforts.

Studies have shown that stress can cause your hormones to cause havoc within your body. For example, stress can cause excess cortisol to be produced, which can lead to increased food cravings and an inability to burn fat.

What moves are best?

While many yoga movements are good for your body and mind you may want to look at trying some of the following poses:

#1: Warrior pose (Veerabhadrasana)

This pose helps to strengthen the hamstrings, thighs, ankles and back. It can also help to stretch out your belly, lungs and chest.

Using this pose will help to improve concentration and balance, and can help with any circulation or respiratory issues. This pose can also help to energise your entire body.

#2: Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)

This pose is good for relieving stress.

It can stretch your abdomen and chest, while also helping to relieve backache.

#3: Half spinal twist (Vakrasana)

If you want to work your abdominals and strengthen your back then this is the pose for you.

Yoga for Weight LossUsing this pose can also relieve stress and reduce back pain, it should be noted that those who have serious back issues are best avoiding this pose.

#4: Boat pose (Naukasana)

This is perfect for strengthening your core muscles.

You can also use this pose to help relieve stress and to improve digestion that can also boost your weight loss efforts.

#5: Seated forward bend (Paschimottanasana)

This final yoga pose can help stretch both your legs and back, which can help relieve stress while also providing relief from constipation.

Final thoughts

As with any new exercise regime it is always best to start off slow. Yoga may seem easy but you will be surprised at how difficult it can be.

Master the basic moves first before trying any of the advanced ones to avoid injury.

Stay safe and experience the benefits of yoga for yourself.


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