Zenwei Auto-Ship SCAM Report

Zenwei Auto-Ship SCAM Report

Is Zenwei really “Hollywood’s new diet craze”? Well, that is just one of its many claims.

In this review we will look at this trial offer in more detail to discover whether it can back these claims up with hard facts, or is as expected a trial that is best avoided.

Other claims made by Zenwei

Zenwei has made the following claims:

  • America’s newest weight loss phenomenon
  • Triple action formula
  • 3 times the weight loss
  • No prescription needed

These claims are designed to entice you into signing up for the trial without checking to see if there is proof of the claims.

Before you do this you should always check to see what the supplement contains, so that you can see what effects it will have on you; whether they are good or bad.

Ingredients used in Zenwei

Zenwei contains 3 main ingredients; Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea and Guarana.

Unfortunately despite a brief mention of what these ingredients can do there is no mention of their dosages or whether any other ingredients have been used.

However, with a little research I discovered their actual label hidden away in the terms and conditions that states that it also contains Green Coffee Bean, Raspberry Ketones and Saffron.

Each of these ingredients have been shown to aid weight loss but whether this supplement itself can help still remains to be seen due to the label stating that a “proprietary blend” has been used.

This basically means that it contains some of these ingredients, but is not willing to disclose the amounts, making it impossible to gauge its effectiveness.

Cost of Zenwei

As with the ingredients, the cost of Zenwei is also not immediately clear.

Again, after looking at the T&Cs it is easy to understand why they are not in plain view as you will be charged $94.89 at the end of the trial period.

As expected Zenwei operates an auto-ship program like so many trial offers before it. Meaning that signing up for the trial allows the manufacturer to continue sending packages of this supplement to you until your membership is cancelled.

Would we recommend Zenwei?

It is impossible to recommend Zenwei purely based on its high cost. There are other supplements available that cost just a fraction of this high price.

When looking for an alternative look for one that is willing to disclose its ingredients in full. This makes checking how effective it is so much easier.

How to cancel the Zenwei trial?

To cancel the Zenwei trial you should use one of the following methods of contact:

Phone: (844) 230-8676
Email: support@zenweiloss.com

If you have been caught by this trial offer then we would love to hear about your experiences. You can leave a short review below using our contact form.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Zenwei

Our recommended alternative to Zenwei is a product called Garcinia Pure (available online from Evolution Slimming).

While it may not contain all the ingredients of Zenwei, it does not dilute its main ingredient Garcinia Cambogia with other ingredients either, so the full benefit of this ingredient can be experienced.

This supplement costs $60 and as it is not available for trial you can buy it without having to worry about any auto-shipping or hidden charges.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure

8 comments on "Zenwei Auto-Ship SCAM Report"
  1. This was a scam.. on their ad it says a free 30 day supply you pay off ly s&h. The bottle is free. No where did it state a 14 day trail period then you need to call in and cancel if you don’t want to continue. In fact, I did not even get product until 4 days before I got this email stating my terms and conditions and that they took 119.49 out of my account. That was the first time I heard about a 14 day trail proud and coSt of product,along with terms and condtions. AS a matter of fact the ad tells you hit here for your free trail product. It does not go into detail about any of this or price. It keeps directing you to put in your Inormative for your FREE bottle. This has caused bill issues now taking money out of my account without knowledge. Their site does not let you get around getting any info until after you pay for the s&have fee. Not unless it kicks in quick after you hit process order. Under my better judgement I fall for this but never again. It’s like a bait and switch deal but worse. It’s a scam. They should be ashamed of their selves to do this to people without disclosing everything to them first. If I had known it was going to cost me close to 120.00 dollars I never would of did it. So,, to anyone else thinking if doing great this, dont. Not unless you want to spend 120.00 a month.

  2. Yes this is a scam big time I never received the product plus they did charge my credit card 120.00 dollars they should be ashamed of themselves taking people’s money that way. My advise don’t buy from them. And they better refund my money.

  3. Yes total scam! False advertising. You name it this company is ripping people off!!!

  4. Same thing happen to me. I went to the site and no where did it say 14 day trial & later get charged $119. It just said try the bottle for free just pay shipping. So i got the cleanse and the garcinia. 2 weeks later i see a charge of $118 and $119 on my bank account and immediately call them. They kept insisting that the 2 week trial was on the web page and the terms and conditions, well if it was i would of never purchased it in the first place, other sites sell this stuff for half the price. Lucky for me i had not even open the bottles so after insisting over the phone of getting my refund the manager said yes, but he still kept pushing me into trying the bottles and ill get 25% off the $240 that i paid. This site is a scam, and while i was on the phone i went to the site and still no where did it say anything about the 2 week trial.

  5. This is a scam. It’s a substitute for the product I actually thought I was ordering as a trial. I’ve NEVER opened the bottle and sending everything back by registered mail. The Attorney General will also hear about this fraudulent scheme. I should have been smarter!!


  7. I requested supply of this item and had almost R1900-00 deducted from my account in Nov 2016. It is now April 2017 and after countless requests as to when I will be receiving this package, I am still given the run-around saying that the parcel was not sent by courier but by POST.
    REALLY, to South Africa – with our practically non-existent Postal System! HOWEVER, having contacted our local MAIL CENTRE in Cape town and chatting to a very nice gentleman there by the name of Warren Castle, I was once again disappointed to find that the tracking number does not exist within our Postal parameters. I was told it was sent by USPS (United States Postal Services) only to be told by them, that the tracking number is not theirs!!
    What lengths does one have to go to to get action from these folk who seem to have a following of thousands – actresses among them – to get what is owing to one?
    My question then is this : if they do not send my ‘goods’ why can’t I get my money back?????
    Very angry and disappointed South African !
    Anne Baird

  8. I ordered 30 day trial. Got billed for two and a colon cleanse. I never ordered the colon cleanse. I did receive one 30 day and the colon cleanse. I paid for both to avoid a hassle over 3.99.

    With in a week and a half I was getting billed on my credit card for 118.00 twice. Called credit card company. I am disputing these charges and they cancelled my credit card and sent me a new one. Well guess what. Now I am being charged again for 118.00 twice on my new cc as they automatically transfer regular monthly charges to your new card so you dont need to call and change your card #.

    I have never gotten anything from these people but one 30 day trial. Which by the way did not work.

    They need to be put out of business,.

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