Zero calorie foods

Even though all foods contain calories of some sort, zero calorie foods or negative calorie foods are those that take more calories to digest than they actually contain.

If you want to lose weight then trying to incorporate these foods into your everyday diet is essential as they will help to keep those cravings at bay without adding to your weight.

Benefits of Zero Calorie Foods

  1. Boost your metabolism and burns stored fat.
  2. Reduce your food cravings.
  3. Stabilise your blood sugar levels.
  4. Detoxifies your liver.
  5. Lowers cholesterol levels.
  6. Reduces stress, anxiety and depression.
  7. Improves the health of your skin, hair and nails.
  8. Improves your circulation.
  9. Improves your mental focus.
  10. Removes excess water from your body.

Here is an infographic showing the best zero calorie foods:

Zero Calorie Foods

Please feel free to embed this infographic on your own website:

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<p>Zero Calorie Foods – An infographic by the team at <a href=”http://www.yourweightlossaid.com/”>Your Weight Loss Aid</a></p>

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9 comments on "Zero calorie foods"
  1. I will make a point of eating these foods to maintain my health.

  2. I truly enjoy most of the things on the zero calorie food list. is this something I can do everyday without any adverse side effects to my health?

    • You need to eat a varied diet. These foods wont cause you any harm (of course unless you have a allergy to them), so I would suggest eating as many of them as possible.

  3. cant beat whole food selection -love chart above – Mother Earths own candy store as far as I’m concerned. Just remember to eat fruite along side some fat (like coconut oil in a smoothie) or greek yoguart to stop a spike in sugar levels and to try and eat your fruite before 2.30pm each day..

  4. This is such a help.There are many who need this easy to-do list. Thanks for Sharing I will certainly be sharing this with all I encounter.

  5. How about black seedless grapes does this count as a zero calorie food?

  6. i am trying this cleansing diet for the first time, I am on day 3 which was not a great one. I am curious why meat is a more important protein than nuts, I do not see nuts here and yet they are all natural.
    I only eat poultry and fish so it is and not repeat a lot. thanks for your help

  7. Where are the references? My understanding of the thermic effect is that the kcals used to digest foods are based on a percentage of the kcals in the food. The only truly zero kcal “food” would be water or ice water if you want negative kcals.

    That’s not to say that these aren’t delicious, nutrient dense foods that have a low net kcal count.

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